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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Spits Nails When He Finds His Million Dollars From Xander Is Missing

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 6, 2021
EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel, Paul Telfer

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Ben and Ciara are on a picnic contemplating their future with a child in it. Ben admits he's caught off guard by Ciara as they are still on their honeymoon. He questions why this is happening now, thinking they would address it when they got home.

Ciara explains she can't help but think of them as a family when they're together and reminds him of their dream. When Ben brings up finances, Ciara says she can go back to work at Titan. Ben starts calculating the outgoing cashflow and questions why they should only manage with a baby. Ciara retorts that Ben is shooting down all her suggestions and wonders if Ben really wants to have a baby with her. Of course he does! Selfish Ben just wants to soak up every minute they have together. Ciara relents and agrees to hold off on the conversation.

Steve meets Calista at the Kiriakis mansion. Calista wastes no time in flirting with her new acquaintance. The two share their connections to Bonnie and Justin, with Steve talking about Adrienne and Calista about her late husband. When Steve starts asking questions, Calista wonders why he's so interested in her and questions how he lost his eye. Oddly, this turns her on and she makes a pass at Steve, despite knowing about his marital status.

Justin is concerned that Bonnie has ghosted Kayla, but she assures him that Bonnie may only be running late. Justin finds this strange, as Bonnie left the house a while ago. He thinks Bonnie should be there by now. Kayla volunteers to track her down.

EJ's pounding on Xander's door. Xander rushes out of the bathroom in a towel and admonishes EJ for banging so hard. The camera pans to the floor and we see Bonnie hiding under the bed.

Jack is questioning Gwen about why Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her. Gwen tells Jack she never wanted to hurt him. Luckily for her, Jack's phone rings. It's Julie and she needs Jack NOW!

EJ tells Xander he has his employment contract and now he wants his money. Xander wants to read the contract before he gives EJ any money and snatches it out of his hand. As Bonnie stews, EJ tells Xander to take his time and make sure everything is right. He assures Xander his contracts are iron-clad and shows him Nicole has already signed the contract.

Bonnie scrambles as she gets a call, which EJ thinks he hears. Since neither man has a new call on their phones, EJ deduces it might have come from next door, as the walls of the Salem Inn are paper thin. Xander signs the contract and EJ wants to make sure the cool million is ready for him.

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As you can imagine, Bonnie didn't answer her phone, so Kayla leaves a message for her. Justin is getting impatient, so Kayla texts her. Bonnie responds that she's getting her nails done. EJ's phone rings and he has to take his leave. He warns Xander that he will lose a pound of flesh if there is any money missing. After EJ leaves, Xander dashes back to the bathroom, and Bonnie crawls out from under the bed and scrambles out the door.

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Xander manages to get dressed before there is more knocking at the door. It's Gwen and she's there to tell him she can't let Jack think all those terrible things he wrote about Xander are true. Gwen says Xander helped her and made her feel safe. Gwen says she told Jack she was being blackmailed into being a drug mule. Gwen chuckles when she tells Xander that "old bat" Julie interrupted her heart to heart with Jack.

Xander wonders if it's wise for Gwen to come clean about the miscarriage and when it really happened. Despite the potential rejection from Jack, Gwen wants to confess what she did. Gwen feels she has no other way out and can't let Jack keep writing stories about Xander that aren't true. Their conversation is interrupted by an angry EJ, who's pounding on the door again. The briefcase EJ has is empty. Xander denies he scammed EJ and the two realize he was robbed.

Julie's freezing cold and wrapped in a blanket. Jack offers her some hot tea to help her warm up. Julie thanks Jack for saving her from being a Juliesickle. She surprises Jack when she reveals it was Doug who locked her in. Julie explains they were prepping for the dinner rush and she used a doorstop before going into the freezer, then suddenly, the door closed. Jack wonders if it was an accident, but Julie explains that when she knocked, Doug looked through the window, made eye contact, walked away, and never came back. Julie fears that something may be wrong with Doug. When she tries to call him, Doug doesn't answer.

Justin worries that Bonnie may have cold feet, but Kayla tells him Bonnie can't wait to be his wife. Kayla reveals that Bonnie only had one concern . . . Calista. Justin questions why Bonnie is upset by Calista and says he doesn't really understand their relationship. Kayla is happy to see Justin so happy with Bonnie, who he didn't anticipate walking into his life. Kayla waxes poetic about how she and Steve can see how much she's changed since she tormented Adrienne (ahem). 

Bonnie returns to the Kirakis mansion with a big black bag and Steve wonders what she's doing. Steve offers to update Kayla and Justin, and Bonnie wants Calista to help her get ready. Upstairs, Bonnie hands the million dollar bag over to Calista. Bonnie worries how disappointed Justin would be if she got caught. Calista promises to stay quiet. She takes the bag and starts to leave. Bonnie stops her . . . she wants her gun back.

EJ takes the employment contract, and tears it up in front of Xander and Gwen. He tells Xander he's going back to prison. Gwen and Xander put their heads together to figure out what happened. Xander realizes Bonnie visited him earlier in the day.

Calista gets the gun out of her purse and she tells Bonnie she's not getting the gun, but she's getting the bullet.

That's the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!