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Deidre Hall Teases Exciting "Caper" on Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Deidre Hall

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem puts Deidre Hall (Marlena) front and center in an exciting mystery, searching for missing gems from Alamainia. Hall spoke to TVLine about what fans can expect from the old-school adventure.

Are the jewels in question reminiscent of Marvel's Infinity Stones? Hall said:

I am an Avengers fan but ours feels more like a caper. No one dies and no one is really scared or hurt. There are moments where maybe we won’t get the gemstones, but all of these exotic locations are great fun and I think the audience will love the seven couples that set out to get this job done.

The DAYS team used its resources to create different locales for its central couples. Hall dished:

We’ve done free standing things in the past and they’re so popular with the audience. We can’t really afford to go on location anymore because of COVID, [so] this is as close as we can get. I thought [head writer] Ron Carlivati brilliantly created seven different venues. And Tom Early, our set designer, had to create all these different cities.

As a DAYS icon, Hall loves that fans tune in for characters they know and love. She stated:

You always need to turn our show on and see familiar faces that you feel safe with and then you’ll stay with it. Now those same familiar faces are on a not so familiar streaming platform; that’s the future. I remember I said, ‘What is streaming?’ I felt like the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey.