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Perkie's Observations: Trina Lambastes Esme When She Goads Ava on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 7, 2021
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Sydney Mikayla

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: It's the morning of the wedding . . .

Jason was taken to the PCPD because of the bar fight. Dante waits for the paperwork to release him. The two discuss the wedding and how Sonny would be happy with it. Dante talks about his early years in PC and his relationship with Sonny. Jason commiserates and says Sonny respected him. The paperwork goes through and Jason is released.

Curtis tells Portia he's helping Sam investigate Drew's plane crash. Sam arrives and Curtis gives her the information he got from Phyllis. Curtis says he'll be meeting with the records guy, but Portia points out they may need medical personnel to interview him since some information could be medically related. Portia agrees to go with Curtis.

Shawn and Jordan work together on Hayden's case. TJ shows up, and when he's alone with Jordan, he wonders why his mother is allowing Shawn to work with her. She says they work with outside help all the time. TJ praises Jordan for being his mother and the two share a hug.

Jordan gets a call and tells Shawn that Naomi didn't travel to Port Charles alone and the person who traveled with her is nowhere to be found. Jordan has his address, but tells Shawn she's going alone since he's not a cop.

Jordan gets to the man's house as Curtis and Portia do.

Trina brings up the infamous sauce and Josslyn tells her it tasted exactly like Sonny's. Trina complains about Esme and Josslyn agrees that she's a biatch. Trina mentions Esme calling Kiki "Lauren" and wonders how she would know.

Ava is surprised when Esme shows up at the gallery to see her and speaks cryptically about Ava's relationship with Nikolas. After Esme leaves, Ava calls someone and tells them to put their plan in motion.

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Nikolas is a little moody since the divorce is final and complains about it to Spencer. Esme interrupts before Spencer can get into it. Alone, Esme wonders if Spencer is regretting trying to break up Nikolas and Ava. She tells him to pick a side and stick with it. Esme mentions Ava, as Trina arrives and overhears.

Trina berates Esme for bothering Ava when she's trying to get herself together. Esme brings up Kiki, but Trina reminds her that she used the name "Lauren" yesterday and mentions the ID badge found by the car. (MY girl Trina is kicking some butt. Girl makes a better PI than Sam does!!)

Nikolas is shocked when he gets served with a restraining order from Ava. He immediately heads to the gallery to confront her.

Monica stops by to talk to Carly since she's about to become part of the family. The two talk about AJ and Carly's place in Jason's life. Monica admits they'll never be best friends, but wants to be civilized for Jason and Michael's sake.

Sam stops by the station to ask Dante to work with her since Curtis didn't want her going with him. Dante wonders if she needs a distraction because of the wedding and Sam admits she might.

Jason gets to the Corinthos compound and Josslyn tells him she can't find Carly.

Nina is surprised when she gets to The Tan-O and finds it under renovation. Sonny says Lenny had it planned before his diagnosis and Sonny plans on following through. Sonny brings up the declaration of love and says he understands if she doesn't feel the same way. Nina admits she loves him too and she needs to see where this will go. The two decide to go to Philadelphia to whoop it up.

Nina leaves to get ready for her trip with Sonny as Jax shows up.

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