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Jackée Harry Dishes Beyond Salem With Hoda & Jenna

Jackee Harry, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Primetime sudsy goodness is what you are going to get with Peacock's original series Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, according to Jackée Harry (Paulina Price). The Emmy Award-winning actress appeared on Today with Hoda & Jenna on Monday and discussed starring in the spin-off of Days of Our Lives

Harry told the women:

It feels like nighttime; it feels like Dynasty meets daytime, you know? It’s more luxurious. You had to up your game. I felt like a star you know what I mean at night. I feel like I'm Diahann Carroll when she did Dynasty. Like a rich... I can't say the B-word, right? Is it too early? (laughs)

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Paulina sure is! Harry also explained how the genre is not for the faint of heart and how much work goes into it after Hoda Kotb asked if returning to daytime was like "riding a bike" for the actress. Harry revealed:

I’ve been riding a tricycle; this bike too big for me! It's so hard over lines everyday. It's every day. It's not like we’re rehearsing, we do one show week like you do on a sitcom, or for a movie ,where you do maybe a couple of pages a day. I had to work my butt off and thinking of character, you know, so I had to learn but I have technique, thank God, like you girls do. Some, some days you ain't feeling; some days you are, but when you don't, you know just what to do. This, it enriched me; it made me feel more energized doing this. I like working, I'm a workaholic, so the more, the better.

To find out what Harry thinks about working with Lisa Rinna (Billie Reed), watch below.