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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mariah and Devon Just Can't Quit Baby Dominic

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 7, 2021
Camryn Grimes

Camryn Grimes

On today's The Young and the Restless recap: Sharon greets Mariah and Tessa as they walk into Crimson Lights. Mariah is mesmerized with a woman with a baby. Sharon, in her glittery day skirt, wonders what's wrong.

Sharon asks how she got through her captivity ordeal. Mariah tells Sharon and Tessa that she mainly talked to the baby and how he was her reason for living. Sharon explains she's feeling empty because she lost something.

At the Chancellor mansion, Devon is also feeling a certain kind of way. Abby is all about her and the baby, but for a moment she focuses in on Mariah and Devon's feelings. Devon wonders how he fits in to the mix with Chance out of town, but Abby encourages him to come around, and be open and honest with her.

Abby and Devon are talking about what Mariah, Tessa, and Sharon talking about (see above paragraphs). Devon assures Abby that Mariah has things to work through that have nothing to do with her or the baby, but with Stitch and what he did to her. Devon suggests they have a sit down.

Faith is jazzed up to see Mariah and she asks Moses to tag along. He declines and says he will focus on ideas for their first date. When Faith gets to the coffeehouse, they get a chance to catch up. Faith says she wants to help Mariah, who notes how much she's changed.

Rey pops in to see Adam at Newman Media to return Connor's baseball cap. Adam regales him with stories of how much Connor loves that cap. They talk about finding Mariah, but then Rey zings Adam with a zinger about Sharon. Adam appears over it and tells him his jealousy is constant.

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Rey thinks Adam only cares about Mariah because of Sharon. Adam waxes poetic about the connection he shares with Sharon. He claims he only cares about Sharon and the people in her life because of that. Adam tells Rey that he can accept that or they can keep running around the mulberry bush every time her name comes up. Rey tells him to get his family in order before Adam kicks him out.

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Mariah doesn't know what do with all these feelings. Sharon explains she will have a bond with the baby for the rest of her life. Sharon also says that Mariah can call the baby whatever she wants. She advises Mariah to talk to Abby, but she's not so sure.

Devon delivers the news to Abby (via Cricket) that Chance had to go deeper undercover and can't get any messages to him. Abby tries to remain positive, but she thinks Chance deserves to know he has a son. Devon tries to explain that knowing about the baby may distract him and put him in danger.

Adam makes his way to Crimson Lights and welcomes Mariah back. Mariah's not here for his BS. She explains she's uncomfortable around him because she was kidnapped by a madman who needed to change a woman's feelings toward him. Adam backs off, Sharon tries to take the high road, and Mariah decides it's time to go home and pump some milk.

Moses is nervous about talking to his mother about staying in Genoa City. Faith advises a practice call. The duo go back and forth so Moses can practice what he will say when his mother tells him to come home.

Sharon tells Rey about Mariah's confrontation for Adam. Rey seems okay with Sharon's explanation, but then turns it around that Adam came right to Sharon when Rey put the screws to him about Connor and Chelsea.

Abby leaves the baby alone and Mariah walks in the unlocked and unguarded Chancellor mansion. Mariah makes a beeline to the baby. She tells Dominic she missed him and hums a lullaby. Abby rounds the corner and watches the action play out before her.

Will Abby get jealous of Mariah's bond? Will Mariah and Devon find peace? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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