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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Torments Steffy With Finn's Text Message (WATCH)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 8, 2021
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Steffy is watching Sheila, who is now awake. Steffy doesn't seem to be afraid of someone who has terrorized many people, including her family. She tells Sheila to never come to her home again. Sheila seems weary from her ordeal so she seeks clarity. Steffy's home, and Sheila's child and grandchild? Steffy tells her not to say that, but Sheila points out that it be so.

Steffy just keeps on rolling. She lays out Sheila's big scheme, but Sheila only notes that Steffy has no sympathy. Sheila claims she loves her boys while she grimaces in pain, then adds how Finn has affection for her. Steffy just can't control herself. She lets Sheila know that she has no heart at all and Finn doesn't care.

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Sheila however, knows differently. She points out that Finn has indicated how he feels, which stops Steffy cold in her tracks. Sheila directs Steffy to her phone and tells her to find Finn's number to read their text messages. Steffy actually thinks that Finn never responded to her.

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You know that Sheila smile? It's happening as she watches Steffy see her husband's heart emoji to his birth mama. Sheila just grinds glass into Steffy's eyes as she tells Steffy that nothing will keep her from her son!

What will Steffy do to Finn? What will Sheila do to Steffy? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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