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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap - Leo’s Deep Throat Status Wins Him a Sleepover with Will, Sonny, and Chad

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for September 7, 2021
Will Horton, Sonny Kiriakis, Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Chandler Massey, Zach Tinker, Greg Rikaart

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: We begin our day in Miami with gun-toting hooligans attempting to take Paulina’s orange diamond ring. 

Side Note: Strangely, very few people seem to notice until one of them gets loud. 

In Zurich, Marlena, John, Anna, and Tony are surprised to see each other at the auction. Anna mentions they have seen Carrie and Austin, and Marlena says they are going to try and see them tomorrow. Then, they get to the business at hand. John says he is there to bid on something, and Anna patronizes him by implying he’s out of his league. When Anna shows John a picture of the necklace they intend to bid on, he wants to talk to her, pronto!

Across the world in Phoenix, Sonny and Chad have come face to face with Leo Stark. He wonders if Sonny is cheating on Will with Chad - it’s deplorable, but understandable. 

Side Note: Chad really does look delicious. 

Leo gets on the phone to order champagne. Sonny screams at him and Will appears from the back room. 

Side Note: Sonny must be getting massive memories of Will cheating on him with Paul. Oh Paul, we miss you so. 

In the Big Easy, Ciara is awaiting Ben’s return when she is approached by a random stranger. Meanwhile, Billie and Ben are still holding hands when they spy the random stranger pulling out a gun, which is not really a gun, but a badge. He is Agent Kyle Graham, ISA. 

Cue the fabulous new opening.

Zurich: John tries to tell Anna about the necklace when the auctioneer announces the proceedings are about to begin. Anna is only interested in those sparkly jewels. Marlena wonders if Tony and Anna are the folks who Shane warned them about. John doesn’t think Tony would do something like that.

Side Note: Notice neither John nor Marlena thinks Anna is above such deceit. I LOVE John and Marlena, but I am eternally #TeamAnna.

The auction begins and John is stunned by how much money these trinkets are going for. The necklace is up next! The bidding begins and it’s totally John vs. Anna vs. a random dude. After Anna bids 100,000 euros, a bidder has entered in from the phone line. 

The bidding continues to go higher and higher and Tony tries to convince Anna to back down. Suddenly, the auction has to be stopped and a man with a hat is removed. 

Anna immediately confronts Marlena about John trying to outbid her. Anna tries to explain the issues with Austin and Carrie, and why she is bidding. Marlena explains they are not bidding for themselves, but John has been contracted by the ISA to bid on the necklace. The auction resumes. The auctioneer says John’s bid is now the top bid. As it is about to be sold to John, Anna outbids him and John can’t find his paddle. Sold to Anna DiMera! 

Across town, Austin looks at the necklace and hopes Anna and Tony come through. In walks Carrie who wonders where the hell Anna and Tony are. 

Austin placates Carrie whilst she wonders where Anna and Tony have gone off to. Austin thinks Tony may have hidden their check-in because of the DiMera name. Carrie, who is smarter than the average former Salemite, correctly deduces that Anna wouldn’t let Tony hide their location from her and leaves to find them. 

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New Orleans: Billie confirms that Kyle Graham is who he says he is. Billie scolds him and Kyle taunts her. He’s following orders from Shane, who thought Billie could use some backup. 

Side Note: Billie and Kyle’s flirt banter works for me. 

Ciara interrupts the banter and asks for details. Kyle says the couple he is chasing is Niles and Sophie Faversham, who live in NOLA and have been inquiring about the amethyst broach for a while. Billie recognizes the family name as it relates to Lily Faversham, who had a connection to Princess Gina. Coincidentally, the Favershams are having a very exclusive party tomorrow night. It’s too risky to send Billie as Princess Gina, but none of them know Ciara. 

Side Note: That devilish grin that Ben and Ciara exchanged reminds me of when Ben first moved in with Ciara, Claire, and Tripp. #CIN

Ciara goes on to explain that she could pass herself off as Princess Gina’s actual daughter, Greta Von Amberg. Kyle is skeptical, but Billie reminds him that her parents, BO AND HOPE, were amazing cops. Ciara also asks for a plus one for Benjamin Oliver Weston. He’s not so sure, but Ciara thinks Greta wouldn’t arrive without an escort. 

Ben is very worried he won’t be able to pull off ballroom dancing. Billie says she will take care of it and wants to use Kyle to show them how it’s done. 

Billie plays music and begins to dance with Kyle as a crowd gathers. It does appear they are teaching Ben and Ciara to tango whilst also somewhat enjoying each other’s embrace. 

Side Note: This is so silly, but also engaging and humorous. I”m not sure I knew Rinna could dance quite this well - or was that a stunt double? 

Billie will work on getting Ben and Ciara on the guest list. She gives Ciara the tiara so she can pose as Princess Greta. 

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Phoenix: Leo wants Sonny to know none of this is what it looks like. Sonny promptly turns around and cold cocks Leo. He then says he knows Will is cheating on him. Leo says that they aren’t cheating and Will only wants him for his peacock. TeeHee. 

Side Note #1: In all fairness, Will’s history would lead one to believe that he has returned to his hoe-ish ways. 

Side Note #2: Zach Tinker has tears in his eyes and I already have accepted him as Sonny. Swooooon.

Sonny wants to know all about Leo’s peacock. Will is all excited telling Sonny about his story and this priceless peacock. While Leo riffs, Will tries to explain the history of the Alamainian Peacock and Princess Gina. Will had a lead on the emerald, but when he showed up to the meeting, there was no emerald, but one Leo - who thinks the gem stone is almost as intoxicating as his eyes. 

Side Note: Leo’s constant flirtation with anyone possessing a “peacock” is making me giggle. 

Will ignores Leo and tells Sonny he really is sniffing out a lead, and not being a hoe-ish. Sonny seems less than convinced that Leo is his “deep throat”.

Side Note: Let the campy comedy ensue.

Will tries to explain that Leo is nothing but a slimy informant who has been milking him for everything he can get. 

Side Note: See above re: campy comedy.

Sonny doesn’t get it and thinks Will is going to end up being played. Just then, Leo reminds the dynamic duo he is the one who ended up rolled up in a rug and left for dead. 

Side Note: Leo has a very good point. 

Will capitulates and says they can go home. As they walk out, Leo muses that Pulitzer Prizes aren’t that important. Just then, Chad decides he needs to speak words. 

Chad gets all up in Leo’s face and tells him he is a DiMera. The intimidation doesn’t really seem to be working, as Leo looks more enamored than intimidated. Leo promises he can get the informant delivered tomorrow. Chad thinks they shouldn’t let him out of their sight. Leo is coming home with them for a SLEEPOVER! 

Will really wants Sonny to put up with Leo for one night because this story is huge. Will says that after he is finished with the story they can go to Paris for a little “them” time. 

Side Note: I wonder if they will stay in Chad and Abigail’s apartment on the Champs Élysées? 

Miami: Half the world is now watching the gun show and Paulina says they will only get the rings off her cold, dead hands. The hooligans threaten Eli, Lani, and Abe, so Paulina hands it over. They take it and run and Eli and Lani chase after them. 

Side Note: I hope Michelle insured that ring before she gave it to Paulina!

Abe calls the police as Paulina frets. Eli and Lani chase them down. Eli tackles one hooligan as Lani approaches. The second hooligan opens fire directly at Lani. 

Lani holds hooligan #1 at gunpoint while Eli chases hooligan #2 - who gets away. Paulina asks #1 who got him to steal her ring. He ain’t talking. 

We begin the ending of our day Beyond Salem in Miami where Abe and Paulina have returned to her palatial estate on Star Island. Soon after, Lani and Eli arrive looking no worse for wear. They booked hooligan #1, who is still not talking. 

In Zurich, Carrie is on the way out the door as Austin frantically tries to stop her. He says he got a text from Tony saying the hotel didn’t have a room with a view so they switched hotels. They are exhausted and they will come back tomorrow morning. 

Side Note: I’m not so sure Carrie believes Austin’s ruse. 

Back at the auction, Tony apologizes to John and Marlena for Anna’s antics. She grabs the necklace and heads out the door. 

In NOLA, Ben and Ciara get back to their room and think about practicing their ballroom dancing. 

Side Note: Based on how they are kissing and how Ben is staring down Ciara in her tiara (unintentional rhyme), their dancing will be horizontal. 

In Phoenix, Sonny agrees to put up with Leo for a night. Just then, Leo emerges freshly changed from the back and asks Chad (“blue eyes”) to be a dear and grab his bags. Chad does as he is told and they exit. 

That’s it! What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap.