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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bonnie's Blood-Filled Wedding Gets Halted By Xander's Accusations

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 7, 2021
Kayla Brady, Patch Brady, Justin Kiriakis, Adrienne Lockhart, Days of Our Lives

MaryBeth Evans, Judi Evans, Stephen Nichols, Wally Kurth

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Jack wants to take Julie to the ER because she's not warming up all the fast, but she refuses to go until she finds out what happened with Doug. Julie tells Jack she thinks Doug was protecting her against robbers who came in while the restaurant was closed. She wonders if someone took Doug for ransom. Meanwhile, Doug is hanging at the Brady Pub ready to chow down on a burger and some fries.

Gwen and Xander retrace his interaction with Bonnie. She wanted Xander to go to the wedding to represent the family since no one else would. Gwen wonders if it was a pretense to get the money, but Xander doesn't think she took it. Xander has a flashback of everything that happened between them. Xander figures out what happened and he's not happy.

Gwen turns it all around and takes the blame for everything that's happening to Xander. Xander wants Gwen to keep their secret or all his work will be for nothing. Gwen is grateful for the sacrifice he's making for her. She tells Xander to go get the money from Bonnie and he decides to kiss her. One for luck, then Gwen heads out.

Calista insists Bonnie pay for what she did to her husband. Bonnie just wants to marry the man of her dreams. Calista tells her to forget about becoming Bonnie Kiriakis as this is the day she dies. Bonnie and Calista go back and forth. Bonnie says Xander will figure it out, but Calista points out that Bonnie will be dead and she on her private island. Calista gets a pillow to use as a silencer and claims that no one will know what happened, and no one will even care. 

Jack wonders if Julie and Doug had a fight earlier in the day. Julie admits he was miffed about her swapping out coffee for tea that morning. Julie claims his temper can flare when his blood sugar drops. Jack asks her if Doug was cooling her off. Julie is not amused! Julie decides it's time to go find her 96 year old man.

Roman asks Doug where Julie is as he never sees them apart at the pub. Doug says Julie is busy watching his cholesterol. He much prefers the burger and fries and swears Roman to secrecy. Roman hands him a beer and Doug thanks John. Doug's confusion concerns Roman. Roman calls Julie and lets her know where Doug could be found. Roman tells Julie she should come to the pub.

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Kayla and Justin arrive at the mansion with the makeup bag. Kayla heads upstairs to help out the ladies as Bonnie and Calista struggle over the gun. It goes off in a puff of feathers and Calista drops onto the bed. Bonnie discovers that Calista is dead just as Kayla knocks on the door. Bonnie denies she needs Kayla's help getting ready, but reminds Bonnie she has her makeup bag. Kayla starts to come into the room.

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Doug and Julie are reunited. Roman and Jack eyeball each other as Julie tells Doug what happened to her. Doug has no recollection, but is highly focused on his food. Roman offers to wrap it to go so Julie can get home. After they get home, Jack advises Julie that Doug should see a doctor. Julie brushes him off. 

Justin complains to Steve that Bonnie has been all over town except where she was supposed to be. Steve tells him he met Calista and gives him the lowdown on what happened between them. Justin hopes Calista will just disappear to where she came from. Steve and Justin share a moment and a toast as groom and best man.

Kayla comes into the bedroom and Bonnie explains that Calista (who's under the covers) is sick from a multitude of mimosas. Kayla wants to take a look because she's a doctor, but Bonnie doesn't want to wake her up and go through all that mess again. Bonnie breaks down and tells Kayla nothing's going as planned. Kayla wonders if she's alright and thinks doing some ritualistic wedding stuff will help calm her down.

Just as Steve wants to check up on Bonnie and Kayla, they walk into the room, all dressed up and ready to get the show on the road.

Jack catches Gwen sneaking up the stairs. Gwen expresses her concerns to Julie, who gives her a snide remark before checking on Doug. Gwen tells Jack that Doug is good people, but all he wants to know is what Dr. Snyder had on her. Gwen evades his query and makes a run for it.  

The JP starts the wedding ceremony. When he asks about objections, Calista pops around the corner and says she objects because the bride shot her . . . Psych! It was just a daydream. When Bonnie comes around, there's another pause. This time, Xander interrupts and accuses Bonnie of stealing his million dollars, and he wants it back, now. Justin wants Xander to leave, but he he decides to tell his story instead. Bonnie scrambles to cover her tracks.

That's the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!