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Perkie's Observations: Nina's Plans For Romance May Go Up In Smoke on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 8, 2021
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis and Jordan update each other that they're both searching for Roger Barstow, and wonder what the connection is between Naomi and Drew, or Peter. Jordan checks the house and finds it's been broken into and completely tossed.

Jordan checks the basement and finds Roger Barstow dead, just as someone else hits her from behind. Curtis returns to the house as the man leaves and chases after him. He fights with the man, who tells Curtis that Jordan will die unless he helps her.

Portia finds Jordan and she regains consciousness, but the basement door is locked. They notice the gas has been turned on. Jordan passes out again, and Portia sits and talks to her about fighting to get back to their kids. Portia says she needs to tell Trina the truth about her father. (Oy vey, we're going down that road??)

Nikolas tears up the restraining order, which upsets Ava even more. She accuses him of driving Spencer away. Ava says she can't watch Nikolas make the same mistake with Spencer that she did with Kiki. She says Nikolas is putting her in danger every time he shows up. Ava tends to Nikolas' injuries and the two share a Covid kiss. Ava breaks it off and tells Nikolas that it's over between them.

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Trina asks if Esme has seen Kiki's ID badge before, but Esme and Spencer spin a tale of innocence. Spencer demands Trina explain why she would accuse Esme of stalking Ava. Esme thinks Trina's issues are with Spencer and she wants him for herself. Esme accuses Trina of trying to turn Spencer against her. Trina storms off.

Jason wonders where Carly could have gone. Jason checks with Spinelli and Josslyn calls Bobbie. Josslyn mentions Carly's visit with Monica (and a repeat of how the evil AJ was). Jason heads out and finds Carly. (Though it doesn't look like it was the cemetery like I thought.)

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Trina heads to the compound to tell Josslyn how terrible Esme is.

Spencer is upset that they're gaslighting Trina since Esme did set the car on fire. Esme says she can tell the truth or tell Trina that Spencer has been planning to break up Ava and Nikolas. She wonders which option will make Spencer happy. (Manipulative that one!)

Nina is shocked to see Jax and wonders why he just showed up. Jax says he thinks he knows what Nina's been up to in Nixon Falls. He asks about the new man in her life, Mike. Nina says Mike put her life back together and doesn't understand why Jax is here.

Jax says he'll leave her alone so long as he gets an introduction to Mike. Nina tries hard to get rid of Jax, but Sonny shows up. Sonny gets antagonistic towards Jax, insisting he leave Nina alone. Nina begs Jax to leave, but he says he can't.

Nina explains how "Mike" lost his memory, but that he's happy now. Jax asks about his past life, but Sonny says what he has is better than anything he might have elsewhere. Sonny tells Jax that he and Nina love each other.

Jax is shocked at the declaration, but Sonny tells him to let go of Nina. Jax says their love is based on lies and they need to face the truth. (Do not mess with me show, this better be the reveal and not some fake out!)

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