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WATCH: Jackie Cox And Lisa Rinna Discuss Beyond Salem's Queer Inclusive Stories With GLAAD (VIDEO)

Jackie Cox, Anthony Allen Ramos, Lisa Rinna, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Former Ru Paul's Drag Race star Jackie Cox wowed as a drag Lisa Rinna. Now, the pair is meeting up on Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. They chatted it up with GLAAD's Head of Talent Anthony Allen Ramos about creating more inclusive daytime television and previewing an exciting event on the limited series.

Rinna is super-supportive of soaps including more LGBTQ+ representation and storylines, sharing:

I think it is everything! We need to see that, kids need to see that. If they are going through that, they need to see it. It is so important to tell those stories, and I think daytime (television) has embraced it and they were early adapters. They embraced it early on, so I think it is fantastic.

Cox is also thrilled to be a part of such a storyline. She dished:

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It feels incredible! The fact that someone had the thought to write so much queerneess [sic] into this special was amazing to introduce some new queer characters and some new elements, introduce drag, introduce people who maybe don't fit the gender is so important for kids to see that...I think it is fun to watch with your parents.

Fans can expect an awesome event for Cox and Reed. Rinna teased:

There is a drag ball! The actors for the first time were getting ready in drag, they were so excited. I can't even tell you, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! These actors were so thrilled to be in their dresses and have their wigs on, I loved every second of it!

Watch the full interview below.