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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap - Kristen Channels Sister Mary Moira to Fool Anna and Snag the Sapphire Necklace!

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for September 8, 2021
Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives, Beyond Salem

Eileen Davidson

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: We begin our day Beyond Salem in Star Island, Miami where Eli and Lani are celebrating their love in the buff. 

Side Note: Oh the benefits of streaming!

Meanwhile, Paulina and Abe are in the living room talking about all of the bothersome reporters that have come around since they were held up at gunpoint. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Paulina assumes it’s a reporter. It’s Shane Donovan come a calling! He says he is ISA and Paulina assumes he is there about her tax returns. Abe hops up and greets his friend! They are tickled to see each other!

Meanwhile in Zurich, John is looking at the picture of the peacock. Marlena walks in and tries to stop him from beating himself up. No matter how much super spy experience they have, nothing would prepare them for Anna DiMera. 

Across town, Austin presents Carrie with the necklace. She is stunned and wonders if Austin robbed a bank. Nope, it was Anna. 

In Phoenix, Chad is reading up on the latest haps in Salem when Billie Reed arrives at his door. 

Side Note: I miss the wig and the tiara. 

Billie thinks Chad hasn’t changed a bit. Kyle interrupts and reminds them they have business to attend to. Billie says they are following up a lead about a stolen emerald from Will. 

In the other room, Will is showering when Sonny enters. They are both all nekkid and steamy and forgiving each other. It’s time to make up. They go in for a hot and steamy kiss and in walks Leo! 

Side Note: That must be the biggest shower in existence. 

Zurich: Carrie is still fawning over the necklace Austin bought her. He tells her it is, indeed, a real sapphire. Carrie looks thrilled and Austin apologizes again for throwing Rafe all up in her face. They kiss and Anna claps. 

Carrie leaves the room and Austin is beside himself that Anna paid so much money for the necklace. 

Anna and Austin have a semi-sweet moment when he exits to get on a video chat with his son Noah. After his departure, there is a knock at the door… it’s Sister Mary Moira!?!?! She is there to save Anna’s soul from eternal damnation. Mary Moira explains that she is Susan Banks’ sister which makes her EJ’s aunt, and, therefore, related to Tony. Anna reluctantly invites her in. 

Mary Moira explains that she is trying to raise money for the poor and the DiMera’s have always been so generous. She heard that Anna paid a pretty penny at the auction last night. Anna goes in the other room and gets her checkbook. 

Anna returns with a check that does not thrill Mary Moira who emphasizes that she is trying to feed starving orphans. Anna quickly adds a zero which seems to satisfy Mary Moira - at which point, she takes her exit. 

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Across town, Tony shows up at John and Marlena’s room. He brought them famous chocolates. John has no time for his foolishness. 

Tony tries to apologize for Anna, but also wonders why the necklace was so important. John explains that the sapphire belongs to the Alamain family. 

Tony tries to explain to John and Marlena that Austin bought the necklace for Carrie. John is so pissed. He wants to talk to let them know that possessing that necklace puts their lives at risk. 

John, Marlena, and Tony arrive back at Carrie and Austin’s place where a happy reunion ensues. Anna wants to know why John and Marlena are there. He says they are here for the necklace. 

John explains all about the necklace and the stolen sapphire. Anna is having none of it and says she outbid John fair and square. Carrie loves the necklace but understands that it belongs to the officials in Alamania. He gives John the box with the necklace, but when he opens it, there’s no necklace! 

Star Island, Miami: Abe introduces Shane to Paulina. She thinks they might have met before. Shane thinks Paulina is quite the charmer. Just then, Eli and Lani enter the room with a post-coital glow. Shane thanks them for helping capture the one thief. No luck on the other thief who actually has the ring. 

Shane wants to ask Paulina some questions. He channels his inner Sophia Petrillo - picture it, Alamainia, 1991. He explains where the orange diamond in her ring came from. Paulina is skeptical - to say the least. Shane explains that her ring was stolen from Alamainia before it was stolen from Paulina. She wants Alamainia’s lawyers to call her lawyers to hash everything out. 

When Shane tells Paulina that the captured thief has been released, Paulina wonders if ISA stands for “Ignorant Stupid Ass.” 


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Eli helps out by explaining that releasing thief #1 allows him to be followed which could lead them to the ring. Lani and Eli offer to help and Shane was hoping they would suit up. Paulina is worried but Lani and Eli assure her they are on the case. 

Paulina is furious that her ring was stolen. It was a lovely gift from her friend Michelle! Paulina is a little defensive about the ring… Abe wonders if she is sensitive about what happened in Salem - maybe it is related to the man Paulina said abused her. Paulina is a little surprised to see that Abe may have her figured out - well, mostly. 

Phoenix: Leo immediately drops the loofah, picks it up, and thinks they should all scrub each other’s backs. 

Side Note: Leo: As Sonny knows, I’m very flexible. TeeHee.

Will wonders what he’s doing in the shower and Leo explains he is trying to conserve water. They are not up for threesome fun and push him out into the cold bathroom. 

Sonny and Will quickly shower and head into the living room. Billie is so happy to see them and explains that they found the missing amethyst. Will wants to interview them when Kyle gets all official ISA agent and wants to be the one to ask the questions. 

Side Note: Read the room Kyle. 

Just then, Leo enters the room and identifies himself as the informant. He immediately goes to Billie and inspects her fabulous nails. Afterwards, he heads to the burning hunk of ISA agent that is Kyle. Will and Sonny are irritated and Chad is just tickled. They all think Leo is jerking them around. Just then, the doorbell rings . . . in walks famous drag queen, Jackie Cox . . . who looks suspiciously like Billie Reed!

Leo introduces Jackie Cox to all the “ladies” who assume they know who she is. Billie doesn’t recognize her so Jackie does an impression of Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Side Note: Very nicely played. 

Jackie explains to Kyle that she doesn’t have the emerald but knows where it will be later tonight. Before she can spill the tea, Leo shuts her up. Leo wants to know what’s in it for them. Billie isn’t giving them a cash reward. Leo is willing to barter for play time with Kyle. 

Jackie interrupts play time by saying it’s time to go. She explains that everyone needs to dress up for the event tonight. Before she exits, she gives Billie some fabulous lip liner she thinks she will love. 

Side Note: If you don’t watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna has a new line of lip care products. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with thief #1 returning to meet thief #2 who has the ring. Thief #2 thinks thief #1 cut a deal. Just then, Lani and Shane bust in guns drawn. Just then, thief #1 runs out and thief #2 grabs his gun!

Lani shoots thief #2 just as Eli arrives. Shane returns and says thief #1 has been taken into custody. They have the ring!

Back in Paulina’s living room, she and Abe are getting all lovey dovey when the phone rings. Oh Lord, it’s Michelle! She saw the story and is calling to check on the ring! Michelle is not thrilled with the situation. Paulina assures her she will get the ring back, but Michelle is having none of it. 

In Phoenix, Billie’s phone beeps and she tells Kyle that Shane has the orange diamond. Kyle smiles and muses about the similarities between Jackie Cox and Billie Reed. 

Side Note: Apparently that dancey dance they did lit a fire in Kyle. 

In another part of Phoenix, Leo is sending text messages to Jackie Cox. He doesn’t want to blow this opportunity. Jackie sends a snarky retort. 

Side Note: TeeHee

Just then, Chad walks up. Leo explains he hasn’t showered today and wonders is he wants to join him. Chad is having none of Leo’s foolishness. He has his eye on Leo who counters that he also has his eyes on Chad.

Side Note: Leo: If only he had a sense of humor to go with that ass. Giggle.

Across the world in Zurich, everyone is freaked out that the necklace is missing. They are recounting the events of the day when Anna freaks out about the nun who came collecting for the poor. John asks if the nun had a name. She says it was sister Mary something who also said she was EJ’s aunt. 

As we see someone shedding clothing, John says that was no nun, it was Kristen DiMera! Just then, we see Kristen wearing the necklace!

That’s it! What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap.