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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abe Overhears Key Intel From Paulina

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 8, 2021
Abe Carver, Days of Our Lives

James Reynolds

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Jake walks into Casa Hernandez with a pizza and jaws on about car engines being easier than Titan spreadsheets. Gabi is trying to work and is disinterested in his life observations. She announces she's been chewing through Philip's computer and has what she needs to bring him down. Jake and Gabi decide they should wait for the right moment. They both come up with a scheme.

Philip is typing out an email to Brady about their recent meeting. He wants Brady to back off Chloe since he knows she's in a relationship with him . . . you pathetic piece of slime son of a bitch you'll pay the price if you don't take your hands off my woman . . . Wow, PK got carried away! 

At the Brady Pub, Belle is getting the tea from Chloe and assures her bud that she will give Philip a what for in her defense. Shawn (as usual) wonders what's going on. Shawn is confused (again) as to why Belle has to leave NOW. She's got to put out Philip's (ahem) fires. Shawn doesn't want to hear about it. Belle is so sure she will be back lickety-split, she puts in her order for dinner.

Justin wants an explanation as to why Bonnie would be in Xander's room. Xander tells Justin to ask her. Bonnie stumbles through a story about how she wanted a Kiriakis to stand up for their wedding so she paid a visit to the Salem Inn.

Xander has to explain, again, how he was paid legitimately for exposing Nicole, but that doesn't negate Bonnie coming after his million clams. After all, that scam was true. Bonnie's in a pickle now. Justin steps up and gets all lawyer with Xander. He asks questions that would require proof, but you know that's not what happened. Xander runs through the key swap, but Justin's not having it. Justin's fuming, but queue the replay!

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Eli and Lani are happy about their new nanny, but he's more concerned about her first day at work. Lani's missin' her babys, y'all.  Eli gathers stakeout snacks and plots a session to watch the twins in case they decide to become criminals. Lani texts Paulina that they will be coming for din din. Abe and Paulina make dinner together . . . but find a way to pass the time.  

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Belle busts into Philip's office and wonder WTF he's up to after she gave him all that warm advice about not chasing after Chloe. Philip counters if he didn't break in when he did, God knows what would have happened. Philip reiterates he trusts Chloe, but not Brady, but expresses his jealousy out loud.

Belle does her good deed and returns to the Brady Pub. Turns out Shawn ate all of the food whilst she was trying to solve all of Philip's problems. No worries, he made arrangement for them to travel to South Africa to spend time with Claire.

Justin tries to make his point, then Steve pipes up. Poor Xander is out numbered, but he thinks going upstairs to Bonnie's room is the right solution. Bonnie tries to deter them from going up to her room . . . and now Justin and Steve are interested.

Xander gets up to the bedroom and finds that mysterious black bag. Bonnie rushes in and tries to stop him. Xander tells her he can take his money, she can get married, and no one has to know any different. Bonnie backs off and accepts his terms.

Steve and Kayla are alone. They talk about how they both thought Bonnie changed, but apparently not. For Justin's sake, they hope for the best. Upstairs, Xander takes his money and Bonnie tries to explain Calista's condition.

Rafe makes a call to Lani. She's gotta leave that dinner with Eli because they are needed. She asks Abe and Paulina if they can watch the twins. The duo agree to be careful.

In the bedroom, Justin pulls back Calista's bedcovers and sees that she's been shot! Justin wants answers, and so do Lani and Eli. As Calista's body is rolled out of the mansion, Bonnie finds herself under arrest. 

That's the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!