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Guiding Light's Murray Bartlett Discusses Breakout Success of The White Lotus

Murray Bartlett, The White Lotus

Although he was a star in daytime in decades past, former Guiding Light actor Murray Bartlett (ex-Cyrus) has catapulted to primetime fame in HBO's The White Lotus. He discussed getting his breakout role at 50 in an interview with The Guardian.

Bartlett expressed his worry that he'd be stereotyped as a soap actor, noting:

I guess you always want to be seen by your peers as doing something that’s wonderful, and I wondered how some people would respond to it.

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He added:

There are times when you think: ‘Oh well, maybe this is it – maybe I’ve gone as far as I can go,’ or: ‘Is this practical any more?’ There were times when I didn’t have those opportunities [such as The White Lotus] where I was like: ‘I feel as if I can do a lot more and I want to be able to show that.’ And so there were times I was like: ‘Maybe that’s just not my path.’

He's slated to appear in another HBO production, The Last of Us, after his turn in The White Lotus. As he goes from strength to strength, he shared that he is eager to explore more roles that show more intimacy between men. He added of his success:

It’s definitely a surprise. It’s not like I expected it to happen, for sure. But now that it has happened, it feels like it’s really good timing … I’m a bit wiser. I’m anchored in myself.