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The Bold And The Beautiful's Kimberlin Brown: "Sheila is My Baby"

Kimberlin Brown, The Bold and the Beautiful

In a chat with Soap Opera DigestKimberlin Brown looked back on villainess Sheila's rise to prominence on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. She reflected on her character's rivalry with Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and teased what might be coming Sheila's way on B&B.

Looking back on the origins of Sheila vs. Lauren, Brown reminisced:

Let’s be honest here, okay? It didn’t get nasty and evil until Lauren decided she wanted Scott [Peter Barton]. She didn’t want him until Sheila started showing interest in him and he actually started showing interest in her. Working with Tracey was great. We had a chemistry that was necessary for the storyline to be pulled off, and she is the tiniest thing you’ve ever seen and with the physicality of our roles, there was a definite trust that was created because I had to protect her. I had to keep her unscratched and unharmed through all of the things that we did, so it was a great relationship … It was the first time she had to deal with crazy [laughs].

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She departed B&B in 1998, but her "never say never" philosophy came into play. Brown recalled:

I never say never, and that whole, 'She just disappears' is an opportunity down the road to come back. Sheila is my baby.

Sheila now has a direct connection to the Forrester family. Of her enduring role, Brown mused:

I’m very blessed that the writers have stayed incredibly creative pushing that envelope … I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my fans … I could not be happier that three months turned into 31 years.