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Zach Tinker And Chandler Massey on Sonny And Will as a Supercouple: "It Feels Right"


Sonny (Zach Tinker) and Will (Chandler Massey) have been steaming up our screens on Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. The handsome twosome discussed bringing sexual healing to these ex-Salemites and being part of a gay supercouple with Instinct magazine.

Asked if being a modern supercouple in DAYS' grand tradition felt "surreal," Massey replied:

Not to me at all. It feels right.

As Tinker was new to the role of Sonny, was there anything in his character's past that floored him? He dished:

Actually, no. The only thing that really made my jaw drop and go 'okay' were things that I unfortunately can’t tell you about storylines in upcoming episodes (laughs). It’s like 'okay let’s do it'! They really let us have a lot of fun; I dont [sic] think that I have ever done anything as out there and fun on any project, movie, television or play. I can’t reference what it is yet, but what we got to do was a blast. 

Which storyline was his favorite to play as Will? Massey answered that he appreciated Will coming out, adding:

It was the most meaningful with the highest stakes and was so well written. They took the time and let every beat develop naturally. That story for sure, and then Will & Sonny fall in love, and letting it be sweet and innocent, but also letting it be sexually charged. That as the golden era of Will & Sonny; besides the upcoming era, that was the golden era. but this is the platinum era coming up.