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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jake Outsmarts Philip to Save Gabi's Neck

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 9, 2021
Jake DiMera, Gabi Hernandez, Days of Our Lives

Brandon Barash, Camila Banus

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Rafe is trying to work, but he flashes back to a conversation he had a few days ago with Nicole. All of the conversation. Meanwhile, Nicole seems a wee bit lost, which Ava points out when she comes upon her at Julie's Place. Eli comes into Rafe's office to jaw about Bonnie's arrest. They don't believe common sense plays a role when Bonnie's involved and agree that Justin dodged a bullet.

Side Note: Rafe is wearing a retro jacket, but for the life of me I can't figure out why his cuffs are buttoned. Yes, that's what I'm focused on.

Rafe has to break Eli's heart and tell him Nicole isn't in the picture. Rafe explains what happened between him and Ava, and how Gabi poked Ava's inner bear (not the stuffed one). Eli questions Rafe's honesty about wanting to be with Ava and not Nicole.

Remember how yesterday ended? Well, here we go. Auntie P is talking to the babies about her true relationship when Abe walks in. He wants to know what she said. Paulina tries to bob and weave, but Abe reiterates what he heard . . . GRANDMA. Paulina tells Abe she has a confession to make (you know it won't be the truth).

Yeah, Paulina chugs some wine for courage, but shovels BS at Abe. She deflects by telling Abe the twins could be grandma-in-law and she got carried away. Abe is perplexed, but admits he's having marriage feelings as well. Abe talks about the 10 years that have gone by since Lexie died and how happy they were. Abe admits he and Paulina both felt the same way about how the evening went.

Brady and Chloe come to Casa Kiriakis and ask Lani why the police are there. Lani explains there was a murder. Brady worries that it was granddad and Chloe worries that it was Philip. Lani tells them it was Bonnie's sister-in-law Calista and she was shot in Justin's bedroom.

Lani is short on details, but remarks it was a typical Salem wedding as Bonnie was hauled in for questioning. Lani takes her leave, but Chloe is unsettled by a murder taking place near her room. Thankfully, Brady offers her a place to stay. Chloe is cool-headed and deduces Brady's game. She reiterates she's not here for being in his tug of war with Philip and she needs it to stop. Chloe take offense to Brady not taking her seriously and chews him a new one. Brady reluctantly apologizes and says he will leave after checking on granddad.

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Jake and Gabi are making fine use of Rafe's kitchen, but they're not cooking food. Enter Philip, who wants to know why Gabi's spying on him. He explains that IT found the key logger and he knows Gabi installed it. Gabi denies any wrongdoing and Jake does his damn best to defend her, but Philip has receipts. Philip fires both Gabi and Jake on the spot. Philip takes Gabi's laptop and goes to leave, but Jake stops him with some winded explanation of how all of the other things could have happened to his computer, except Gabi. 

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Ava explains to Nicole she dropped off her resumé for Julie and hopes to be hired as a chef. Ava thinks it's best they don't work together at Basic Black because it would be awkward. Nicole apologizes for causing any problems for her and Rafe, and is happy they made up. Ava being Ava wants to know how Nicole really feels about Rafe. Nicole tells her ONCE AGAIN there's nothing to worry about. AAAANNDD . . . enter Rafe! He wants to have dinner with Ava, so Nicole departs.

Philip takes Jake's advice to heart and makes a call. Gabi is concerned that Philip will see through Jake's ploy, but Philip reports there's a key logger on Gabi's laptop as well. Now poor IT folk have to check ALL of the computers for a key logger app. Gabi starts to point the finger of accusation and Philip finishes that point with Brady.

Jake tells Gabi he was the one behind the key logger. He claims he learned it from all the chess moves in the DiMera mansion. The lesson was to anticipate the next move of the next move . . . you get it. Jake parlays all that knowledge into why he should be the next CE-Oh-no-she-bettah-don't of Titan. Gabi disagrees, but they pat themselves on the back for deflecting all of the blame to Brady.

Brady regales Chloe with a story of Victor dancing and celebrating that Bonnie was arrested. Chloe feels badly about how the day turned out. Luckily, Brady points out he and Chloe's anniversary is coming up in a couple of days. Oh and here comes Philip!

Poor, dumb Philip and poor, dumb Brady seem to be dwelling in the same camp of not knowing what's going on. Philip accosts Brady without explaining why, whilst Chloe frets. Chloe needs a moment alone with her hot-headed beau. Philip demands Chloe quits her job. Chloe wants proof of Brady's shenanigans and won't quit until Philip delivers.

Paulina and Abe share a romantic dinner at home. He looks at Paulina and tells her he loves her . . . guess what y'all? . . . she loves him too!

Brady leaves the mansion and runs into Nicole in Horton Square eating ice cream all alone (you know what that means!). Meanwhile, Rafe just can't delete that picture of him and Nicole (and that damned bear).

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