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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Jason Are ALL UP In Their Feelings on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 9, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason finds Carly, who has cold feet about the wedding. Jason says if they call things off there will be fallout from the other families, but he'll deal with it. Carly says she fell in love with him back in the day at Jake's and she could fall in love with him again.

Carly says she cherishes his friendship and can't live without it, and it won't stop her growing feelings. She knows he doesn't return her feelings, but Jason says she's not falling alone. Jason says they should get married for real and spend the rest of their lives together. The two share a kiss.

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Jax tells Sonny he isn't Mike and Nina knows it. Sonny doesn't care if he has another family out there since they didn't come looking for him. Sonny says Nina has been nothing but good to him. Nina asks Jax to leave but he refuses, so she convinces Sonny to let them speak alone.

Jax asks how long Nina's known the truth. Nina explains how things came about, but Jax still doesn't understand how she could keep Sonny's family from him. Nina says Mike has a simple life and wants her. She admits she never told Mike the truth about his identity because he wouldn't want Sonny's life. Nina insists Mike is happy with his life and now she's happy.

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Nina asks if Jax can forget what he's seen, but Jax says everyone in PC is in danger, especially Josslyn. Jax says Port Charles needs Sonny and explains how Carly's now a mob boss. Jax insists that she tell Sonny the truth right now!

Brook Lynn wants Maxie to hang out with Austin, but she's not ready for another man in her life. Maxie realizes that Brook Lynn is trying to get her to distract Austin away from ELQ. Ned shows up looking for Leo, who's run off.

Austin finds Leo hanging out by himself in a room and brings him to Ned. Austin talks to Ned about Leo, saying he should see a specialist. Ned admits Leo's quietness concerns him, but Olivia won't listen.

Brook Lynn continues to badger Maxie, who agrees to help. She asks Austin to be her plus one for the wedding, but he turns her down.

Curtis returns to the house and gets the girls out of the basement. Portia insists they take an unconscious Jordan to the hospital. 

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