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WATCH: Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Cast Does EW Roundtable (VIDEO)

Entertainment Weekly

Several of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem's familiar faces sat down with Entertainment Weekly's Gerrad Hall to chat about the adventure-caper limited series. What did Lisa RinnaEileen DavidsonJackée Harry, Victoria Konefal, Austin Peck, and James Reynolds have to say about the Peacock spin-off? 

For one, the pacing was quite different to the main show. Konefal explained:

And it was really fun to kind of approach this, the same show, Beyond Salem, from a movie perspective. It was, we did have a lot more time to work on specific things. Soaps, we typically film three episodes in one day and for Beyond Salem, we focused on one episode a day, which is slow for us, so it was really fun. I think it reignited some of that passion and fire that I have for acting, just because it did feel like a brand-new experience, and I’m so grateful to be part of it.

Davidson was thrilled to be involved and shared a tidbit about Kristen and Susan's legendary wardrobe. She dished:

And the guy that made Austin Powers’ teeth made my teeth all those years ago.

Harry was equally excited to keep acting with Reynolds. She quipped:

And I love James Reynolds; he knows it! I hope his wife ain’t listening! I love him. I adore him.

Watch the full discussion below.