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Perkie's Observations: The Five Families Gather and Plot a Takeover on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 10, 2021
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Selina Wu, General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Jordan is brought into the hospital unconscious and Austin puts her on oxygen to clean out the gasses from her system. Curtis insists on sitting with her. Austin gets the blood results back and tells Curtis that Jordan's levels of carbon monoxide are 58% where they should be no more than 2%.

Portia is treated for her exposure and tells TJ about Jordan. TJ talks to Austin and reminds him that Jordan only has one kidney, which could become a problem. Austin says if Jordan's kidney function doesn't improve, they'll put her on dialysis.

Shawn gets to the hospital and TJ explains what happened. He wonders if it has to do with their case regarding Naomi. Shawn reassures TJ that Jordan will come through.

Jason tells Carly if they get married, it will be for real and the two agree to go ahead with the wedding. Carly gets flirty-flirty until Jason gets a call about Jordan's attack. The two head to the hospital and get information from Portia.

Nina thinks if Carly and Jason get married, then Sonny can stay dead and all Jax has to do is walk away. Nina insists that "Mike" is free from Sonny's violence and can be a good man. Jax says she's lying to Sonny and he'll find out the truth. Nina says she can't lose "Mike".

Nina says their love is real, but Jax thinks she needs to give "Mike" the choice between her and his family. Jax wants Sonny to manage his own organization so Carly can get out. Nina accuses him of making all of this about Carly.

Jax denies it saying Sonny has kids and grandkids who have a right to know him. Nina sees his point and promises she'll tell Sonny the truth. Jax says she needs to do it right now and isn't leaving until he knows she's done it.

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Sonny tells Phyllis about the declarations of love with Nina. He mentions that Nina and Jax are talking. The two complain about Jax and his hold over Nina. Phyllis asks about Sonny's watch and he says he's letting go of his past and looking toward his future with Nina. He tells Phyllis he's not letting Nina go

Buscema meets with Novak and Wu to discuss plans to hit a Corinthos warehouse during the wedding. Buscema says he has a message from Cyrus. Novak says once they bring down the Corinthos organization, they can split the town three ways.

Brando reminds Gladys the baby is coming soon and he needs the room, which means she needs to find a place. Brando mentions how he wants Sasha to move in, which annoys Gladys even more. Gladys is shocked when Sasha tells her about Brando's stripping side gig. Gladys asks about Sasha's money, but Brando says he's pulling his weight.

Maxie and Brook Lynn discuss Bailey and her schedule, and Maxie gets upset when Brook Lynn mentions a different parenting style than what she's comfortable with. Brook Lynn swears she's doing the best for Bailey. Maxie thinks she should make decisions about Bailey's care.

Maxie runs into Austin again and asks about going to the wedding. Austin reminds her that she told him she doesn't like being around him because he's a reminder of losing Louise.

Curtis sits at Jordan's side until she wakes up, while Portia watches.

Peter shows up at The Tan-O with murder in his eyes.

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