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Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem Recap: Leo Stark Saves The World!

Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Greg Rikaart

On today’s Beyond Salem recap: Our final day Beyond Salem is very busy y’all, so let’s get started. 

Side Note: The story for the final episode of Season 1 of Beyond Salem was written by our own Jamey Giddens

New Orleans: Ben and Ciara are being all Ben and Ciara when Shane Donovan arrives to collect the amethyst. Ben looks really uncomfortable because, well, he did murder his granddaughter, Paige. However, Shane appears less than interested in dead Paige and more interested in collecting that amethyst. 

After Shane leaves, Ben and Ciara hit the sheets to get some rest - it’s been a very busy day. Ciara wakes up to discover that Ben is still freaked out about Shane and dead Paige. As she tries to comfort her beloved, there is a knock at the door. Strangely, it’s Shane Donovan looking like he is fresh from the Faversham’s sex party. Apparently, he didn’t have that much fun. Somebody knocked him out and stuffed him in a closet. Ciara explains what happened and they figure out that it wasn’t Shane at all, but Drew, Shane’s twin brother, who made off with the amethyst. 

Shane immediately calls John Black to let him know about Drew’s ruse. As he heads out, Ben tries to apologize for making Paige dead. Shane really doesn’t have time for Ben’s apologies and he makes his exit. 

Phoenix: Will is writing his article and Sonny is still sleepy. Sonny wants to be sweet and cuddle, but Will is too busy not being scooped by Ronan Farrow. Will finishes and then they take a break to read about Austin’s arrest. Will wants to call Kate, but thinks maybe it should come from Chad. 

In the next room, Chad awakens with a bit of a hangover and very nekkid Leo, who wants to cuddle. He tells Chad that they hooked up and he proposed. Leo is going to be the new Mrs. DiMera! 

Chad FREAKS out while Leo plays it up like only Leo can. Sonny and Will check their security cameras and confirm that Leo only went into Chad’s room 10 minutes prior. Leo admits that he was having a bit of fun and really just wants to be friends with everyone. 

Side Note: Leo is clearly kidding, but is he? Doesn’t Leo just want to be accepted . . . and be fabulous and rich?

Side Note #2: Leo referring to Will as Amanda and Chad as Chadwick tickled me to no end. 

Will says Leo is disgusting, but he says he was only trying to push Chad, Bert, and Ernie out of their comfort zones. He thinks Will and Sonny have become an old married couple and need to lighten up.

Side Note: True words, Leo.


Zurich: Billie is worried about Austin. She shares a little kiss with Kyle, and heads into the holding room where Austin is cuffed, and trying to explain himself to Carrie. Meanwhile, Kyle is off to go fill Anna in on Austin’s situation. 

Billie walks in as Carrie is asking Austin how the jewels got in his bag. Carrie explains the events of the evening to Billie and they try to figure out what could have happened. At some point, they get bored with Austin and start talking about what is really interesting - how hot Agent Kyle Graham is! Carrie and Billie just giggle about the hot ISA agent and his interest in Billie. Austin seems somewhat frustrated they aren’t paying attention to his current situation. 

Side Note: Sit there and be quiet, Austin. Nobody thinks you are smart enough to be a part of an international jewel heist. 

Across town, Anna is Facetiming the Zurich police and demanding Austin’s release. She threatens to call the U.S. ambassador, whom she doesn’t really know, but who cares?

John and Marlena arrive and Anna goes IN on John for turning Austin in. John and Tony try to remind her that he took an oath to the ISA.

Side Note: Why do folks try to use logic with Anna? 

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Side Note #2: #TeamAnna

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As Kyle and Shane exit, everyone relaxes except Marlena. She shoots a long look at the closed door. The revolving door of Austin and Carrie’s apartment next brings Billie Reed. John and Marlena fill her in on the latest haps, and the Shane/Drew debacle.

Finally, Austin and Carrie return, and Anna fills them in about Drew. He was never in the apartment. He must of had an accomplice.

Miami: Eli wants to do something fun. Lani thinks they should take the boys deep sea fishing. Abe reports that the orange diamond was one of the stolen gems. Suddenly, a jet ski is making a lot of noise. Paulina is worried that Rosie O’Donnell has returned to ruin the neighborhood. However, it’s actually Paulina’s friend Michelle who gave her the infamous stolen ring, that was then stolen from Paulina.

Paulina is a little worried. She says Michelle has a bit of a temper. Eli, Lani, and Abe look perplexed at her description of who they assume is Michelle Obama. Shockingly, Paulina’s friend is not the former First Lady. She is Michelle White - which is why everyone refers to her home as the “White House.” Her husband is Dr. Ronald White - the most prominent plastic surgeon in Miami - she start to tell his clients, but Michelle stops her. Michelle apologizes to Paulina and tells her she had no idea the jewel was stolen.

National Museum, Kingdom of Alamainia: Kyle and NotShane have returned all of the jewels and are chatting with Lord Sebastian. Just then, John and Billie bust in with guns and reveal that Shane is Drew. Lord Sebastian seems perplexed - as one would be who does not spend all their time in Salem. Drew tries to fast-talk his way out of this situation when John asks him to tell him Kimberly’s birthday. If he’s Shane, he should know it.

Side Note: I wonder how many folks don’t know their partner’s birthday?

Drew doesn’t know the date, and John declares that he is Drew and not Shane. Drew immediately grabs Kyle and holds him hostage. Just then, Marlena walks in and tries to convince Drew to do the right thing. She thought he had turned his life around for his love, Camilla. Drew tells her that Camila died, which sent him back to the dark side.

Drew doesn’t want to chat and says he is taking Kyle and the peacock with him. John then reveals that Kyle isn’t Kyle. He is actually Dimitri Von Leuschner - he is Carly’s cousin. The peacock was in her dowry. This has been his life’s work - to retrieve the peacock. Mission accomplished. Not so fast.

Drew pulls out his phone. The peacock is actually a device that can send deadly lasers to all of our major cities mentioned, including Salem. He wants to use it to blackmail these cities to pay a price. He activates the peacock - is it the same device Gabi used to activate Julie’ heart? Something’s wrong. Only five of the six jewels light up.

We begin the ending of our day Beyond Salem in Phoenix. Leo apologizes to Will and Sonny. Chad screams that Leo stole his watch. Will checks his pockets. The watch is there along with the actual emerald, which is why the peacock isn’t working. Wait, does that mean Leo saved the world?

Back in Alamainia, Lord Sebastian attacks Dimitri in the confusion. Drew pulls a gun, but is stopped by John and Marlena. Billie wants to finish what Kristen started and points the gun at Dimitri's nether regions. She settles for knocking him out instead.

Down south on Star Island the next day: Paulina hopes Abe wasn’t too disappointed about the Michelle mixup. Abe teases her and they giggle. Adorbs. Abe tells Paulina he loves her. Paulina doesn’t think she deserves him. Eli and Lani are packed and ready to go. Auntie P wants to see if everyone has everything and Lani says she reminds her of her mama. Auntie P keeps it lit. Back to Salem.

Across the way in New Orleans, Ben reads that Will wrote up the story and tells Ronan Farrow to eat his heart out. Ben was really gutted by Shane’s words. Ciara reminds Ben that he’s not that person anymore. He explains is that person, but he wants to continue being better. CIN love.

Back in Phoenix, Chad embraces Will and they celebrate the article. Leo Stark saved the world. Sonny thinks Leo had a point about their comfort zones. The two of them should have fun. Chad says it should be the three of them . . . Bros weekends without Leo.

Meanwhile, Shane says the peacock has been dismantled. Alamainia thanks him. Lord Sebastian checks on Billie, who feels used. He wants her to remember the look on his face when she was about to shoot off his jewels. He invites her to dinner at the castle. She asks Shane for permission. They need to submit a full debrief to the ISA and they need a detailed history. Lord Sebastian has the deets, so go to dinner.

Across town, John and Carrie embrace. They need to do it again minus the international crime spree. The ISA has dropped all the charges as Carrie figured it all out. Dimitri planted the gems when he interviewed them about Kristen and Sister Mary Moira. Marlena wants to take pics before heading to the airport. Adorbs.

Marlena tells John it’s time to head back to Salem and they kiss.

That’s it! What did you think of the final episode of Season 1 of Beyond Salem? What did you think of the entire five episode season? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap.

Jamey Giddens, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem