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Days of Our Lives' Carson Boatman Dishes Johnny's Plans: "He’s Not The Typical DiMera"

Johnny DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Carson Boatman recently debuted as Johnny DiMera on Days of Our Lives, and the actor is relishing the opportunity to play the character. He chatted it up with Soap Hub and spoke about what being a DiMera meant to him and how Johnny fit in with the family.

Johnny refuses to conform to EJ's (Dan Feuerrigel) idea of what a DiMera heir should be. Boatman explained:

He’s not the typical DiMera — 'Oh, I’m a DiMera, and I want to take over DiMera [Enterprises].' It’s, 'I am who I am.' Johnny’s kind of funny and charming when he needs something, or he can be intimidating when he needs something. He wants to do what he wants. And he wants to be passionate about the things he’s passionate about; whether it’s the movie, whether it’s Chanel [Raven Bowens] or whatever it may be. It’s different than your typical putting on a suit and trying to overthrow a company.

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Johnny attempts to sweet-talk Grandma Marlena (Deidre Hall) into financing his flick. He added:

Johnny meets with Marlena and does the whole, 'It’s so good to see you. Let me give you a kiss. You’ve always been my favorite grandma.' He maybe wins over Marlena, but that all changes, because John’s [Drake Hogestyn] not super stoked on the idea. He also talks to Will [Chandler Massey], because he’s been to Hollywood. He’s had a script. He’s been down that whole path. Johnny is looking for a little insight from his brother.

When EJ finds out that his eldest is going to make a movie about Sami (Alison Sweeney), chaos ensues. Boatman teased:

When EJ finds out that it’s about Sami’s life, he gets a little irate. He does the typical EJ thing where he makes threats. Johnny does the typical Johnny thing, where he says, 'I don’t care.' Johnny takes a couple of nice personal digs at EJ. It’s kind of the first time we see EJ flip into that darker guy, lower his voice, and make a legitimate threat to Johnny.