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Perkie's Observations: Peter's Shocking Return Puts The Tan-O on Alert on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 13, 2021
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis is grateful that Jordan is awake, as are TJ and Shawn. Jordan thanks Portia for helping get her out. Austin has new test results that show Jordan's in renal failure. Austin says it's reversible if treated quickly. Austin wants to send Jordan to a specialty clinic in Albany.

Nina is surprised to see Peter, who says he knows Liesl had plans to take him out in St. Lucia. Nina apologizes, but Peter says there needs to be consequences for her betrayal. Peter has Nina call Valentin for an update, but he has no new information.

Carly gets back to the compound in time for a visit from Ava. Ava says she's moving and can't take Avery with her and needs to leave her. Ava says things have gotten worse and tells Carly about the car fire and the ID badge. Carly agrees to take care of Avery until Ava returns.

Trina tells Josslyn about her argument with Esme and how she's not sure how she feels about Spencer now. Trina tells her the truth about Spencer arriving in town sooner, pretending to be Victor.

Nikolas is having lunch with Spencer and Esme when Valentin interrupts, but neither Spencer nor Nikolas are having any of it. Anna interrupts to break things up, despite Nikolas getting in a few shots about Valentin's parentage.

Maxie and Brook Lynn argue about Austin and how to keep him interested, and away from ELQ. Maxie admits she owes Brook Lynn for keeping Louise safe, but won't do any uncomfortable favors for her. Austin returns and agrees to go to the wedding.

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Portia talks to Jordan before she's sent out. Jordan thanks her again and says she heard what Portia said to her to keep her alive. Jordan thinks the talk about Trina's dad had to do with Taggert and Portia doesn't deny it.

TJ, Molly, Shawn, and Curtis all say goodbye to Jordan. (Why did it feel like the end for Briana Nicole Henry?)

Valentin tells Anna that something was off with Nina's phone call. Anna has him call her back, but Peter doesn't let Nina answer. Valentin figures out Nina's in trouble and the two decide to head to Nixon Falls.

Phyllis returns to the bar to find Peter and Nina. Everyone pretends to make nice, but Phyllis realizes something is off and manages to grab the gun from under the bar.

Pete however, has a gun on Nina. Phyllis and Peter have a standoff and she stupidly gives up her gun allowing Peter to win. (Peter's gun was down by Nina's waist, Phyllis could have gotten him in the head before he was able to shoot. So stupid.)

(Dumbest line of the year: Phyllis to Peter, "I'm going to count to ten." TEN?? He has time to shoot Nina 12 times by the time you count to ten. Geeze)

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