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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Spins a Tale to Jack That Puts Her Deeper Into a Blackhole

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 13, 2021
Gwen Rizdzech, Jack Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien, Matthew Ashford

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Jack is listening to Gwen, who admits she did something terrible and is having a hard time living with the guilt from it. She attributes that to Jack's influence. 

Gwen tells Jack that Xander knew about her miscarriage. Jack wonders what she's talking about, so she admits he knew that Abigail didn't cause it to happen. Gwen says she lied because she wanted Abigail to lose something too. She explains Dr. Snyder figured it out and Xander was just covering her and protecting Jack.

Gwen apologizes to Jack and tells him she feels much better having this weight removed. She explains she couldn't let Jack keep thinking the worst of Xander. Gwen also was afraid of Jack's reaction and she was right. Jack jumps up off the couch and yells at Gwen to leave as she's no longer his daughter.

Side Note: Grrrrr . . . that didn't really happen, so let's try again.

Jack asks Gwen what's bothering her about Dr. Snyder. He can tells she's very distressed. Gwen flashes back to when Xander advised her to tell Jack that Dr. Snyder knew her from her days as a prostitute. She lays it on thick about the pitfalls that led her down life's thorny path. She wants Jack to forgive her. Of course, Jack takes the blame for not being around and tells Gwen she did what she needed to survive. Jack hugs her and tells her she's safe.

EJ is on the phone holding for a judge. Xander wants EJ to cut him some slack, but EJ is all business and tells Xander that he broke the terms of their agreement. As an officer of the court, EJ must adhere to the rules (AHEM!). Xander tells EJ he owes him, but EJ scoffs. Xander reminds him he was a vegetable in Nashville when he took care of his little Elvis. When EJ goes to leave, Xander bucks up and tells him he's not going anywhere. Xander insults EJ, who hauls off and punches him, drawing blood. The duo get into a violent, knock down, drag out fight. Only EJ is left standing and he takes his leave of Xander.

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Julie is beside herself at the Sweet Bits grand opening. She's very excited that a family recipe will be available to everyone in Salem! Julie raves that the donuts taste exactly like Alice's and Doug wonders who Alice is. Doug suggests they take a box to Alice to taste them for herself. In Horton Square, Julie presses Doug and he has to admit he doesn't know who Tom and Alice are. Julie takes him to University Hospital and they run into Kayla.

Kayla examines Doug as Julie explains about his memory loss. Julie wants to know what could be happening to his mind. Doug speaks for Julie and asks about Alzheimer's. Kayla tells them there are many factors that could be at play and praises them for taking action. Testing will commence in hopes for an answer.

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Chad makes an unexpected visit to Boston and has an awkward reunion with Abigail. They hug it out quietly, but Abigail pulls back. He and the kids miss her and he wants her home with them. Abigail says there's more work to be done and she's going to stay.

Abigail tries to explain how much stuff Laura had that needs tending to. She regales him with an anecdote about baby clothes in a box. It reminded Abigail that Chad lost a daughter with Gwen. Abigail gets upset when she realizes that she killed his baby.

Chad comforts and assures her she wasn't responsible. Abigail doesn't feel good about how she treated Gwen's baby news. Chad takes full responsibility for his actions. Abigail wants to know if he has any residual hatred toward her. Nada one, he just wants her home. After some sweet talking by Chad, Abigail agrees to return to Salem.

Johnny pops into Marlena's office. He claims he wants to talk about his problems with Allie. But first, he thanks her for helping Allie out when she really needed it. Marlena calls him out for buttering her up and asks him what he really wants. Johnny admits he wants Marlena to invest in his independent film. Marlena wants deets and advises Johnny to chat with Will about his time in Hollywood. Johnny remembers moving there so Will could write Sami's story. He wonders if Will will allow him to work on it now. Later, Johnny gives daddy EJ the news about the idea for his film.

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