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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Finds The Tano-O In Flames With Phyllis and Nina Trapped Inside on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 14, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Josslyn confronts Spencer about pretending to be Victor, calling him selfish and spiteful. Josslyn yells at him for treating Trina and Laura so poorly. Josslyn also accuses Spencer of using Trina and says he doesn't understand friendship.

Spencer counters he hit it off with Trina right away, but Josslyn says it just made it easier to manipulate her. Esme returns to the table and snarks out Trina for being an idealist and goes to bat for Spencer. Josslyn tells him he needs to apologize to Trina, which Esme then agrees with.

Spencer's annoyed at being ganged up on, so Esme apologizes. After Josslyn leaves, Spencer's not happy about Esme throwing him under the bus since they have been in cahoots together since the beginning. Esme calms him down as Josslyn watches from afar, looking confused.

Alexis admits her concerns about Ryan to Harmony, but she says she has no interest in Ryan and only works with him. The two argue, but then find common ground. Harmony thinks Alexis is lonely, then brings up her visit with Spencer and Esme's weirdness.

Sam and Dante hang out in the batting cages flirting with each other. Dante reminds her it's the end of her parole, which also reminds Sam of Shiloh. Sam mentions Harmony and how she might have information on Drew via Shiloh. The two head over to the prison where Sam tells Harmony they need her help.

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Chloe checks on Drew's injuries and he questions her about the guards. The two pretend that Drew is seriously injured and needs to be taken to a doctor. The two fake out the guard and manage to escape the room. They take out the second guard and Drew allows Chloe to escape, telling her to come back with help. (Uhm Drew honey, why not just go with her?)

Jax talks to Sonny and realizes that Nina hasn't told him the truth yet. Jax says "Mike" is not his real name, but Sonny says it's the name that means something to him. He says he let go of his past and will have a future with Nina. Jax says the the past always catches up.

Jax tells Sonny that Nina is not the first woman they've fought over, so Sonny figures Jax knows his true identity. Jax says he promised Nina that she would tell him the truth. Sonny accuses Jax of lying and repeats that his life is here with Nina, and warns him off.

Peter threatens Nina and Phyllis, but Nina is certain Valentin will understand her clues. Peter's not worried and tells Phyllis to find some rope. When she returns, he ties them both up. Peter brings up Sonny and tells Phyllis that Nina has known "Mike's" identity this whole time.

Nina begs Phyllis to believe that "Mike" is a better man now that he's not Sonny. Peter gags them both, pours gasoline around them, and sets The Tan-O on fire. Peter takes off just as Sonny arrives to find the building engulfed in flames.

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