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Perkie's Observations: Sam Gets a Lead on Drew as He Bargains For His Escape on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 15, 2021
Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam wants information from Harmony about Shiloh possibly helping Peter to kidnap Drew. Harmony figures they think she was involved and is not helpful. Alexis tries to get through to Harmony who says she's trying to turn her life around. Harmony says someone named Dallas Kirby was in the military with Shiloh and helped him when he could. She warns them that Shiloh's men were dangerous.

Drew gets tossed back into his cell. He tells the Russell (the guard) he's heard them speak Greek and wonders if this is about the Cassadines. Talking to Russell, Drew figures the guy is only in it for the money and promises he can pay him to help get out. Russell is hesitant until Drew makes the point that Chloe is going for help and he'll be in trouble with the boss.

At the hospital, Maxie runs into Britt, who's curious as to why she's all dolled up, then sadly remembers that it's Jason's wedding day. Britt is worried because Liesl is still missing and she's worried about her. Austin walks up, ready to be Maxie's plus one and upsets Britt with a comment about the wedding.

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Maxie overhears Terry and Liz planning a night out and reminds them that Britt's sad about Liesl's disappearance and Jason's wedding. She asks if they can invite Britt to join them. Liz and Terry come up with some elaborate plan to hang out with Britt for the night.

Josslyn checks in on Carly and says she's relieved to see her mother happy again. (I don't like Josslyn's dress, the color or style). Josslyn asks if Carly is thinking about Sonny. Carly says Sonny is always with her, but she's happy to marry to Jason. Josslyn gives her mother a gift, a bracelet, and Carly says she's ready.

Michael and Jason head to the church. Michael admits he's always wanted Carly and Jason together when he was a kid. Jason says it's thanks to Michael that he and Carly are together now. Spinelli arrives and congratulates Jason before getting maudlin over his own breakup.

Ned tells Olivia that Austin thinks Leo needs to see a specialist to help him communicate better. Olivia is less than receptive and claims Austin is overreacting. When Austin gets to the wedding with Maxie, Austin approaches them and Olivia angrily tells him to mind his beeswax. Olivia accuses Austin of using Leo to get into the company, though he says he's just trying to give her all the info she needs. Maxie breaks up the argument and chastises Austin.

Sonny can't get into The Tan-O from the front. Jax arrives, so the two get in from the back. Jax gets Phyllis out, while Nina and Sonny decide now is a good time to have an in depth conversation. (I mean seriously, did he learn nothing from Connie's death?!!)
As Sonny's getting Nina out, he gets hit by a beam and knocked out. Jax drags Nina away as she yells for him to save Mike. 

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