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Paper Magazine Recreates Iconic Doug And Julie Time Cover With Cin

Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal, Days of Our Lives, Daytime Emmys 2021

Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal

Days of Our Lives' "Cin" has hit the pop culture lexicon. Paper magazine recently interviewed and photographed Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) and Victoria Konefal (Ciara). They recreated the legendary Time cover featuring reel- and real-life supercouple Bill Hayes (Doug) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie). Check out the pic below!

Is Cin on the verge of becoming a supercouple?  The actors were asked if they saw their alter egos as a new wave. The two stated: 

Robert: Man, that title got tagged on us right from the start which was kind of wild, but it's an honor to be amongst some legendary pairings in such a short time. I think idea of pairing someone like Ben with the commissioner of the police department/ daytime icon's daughter was a bold move on the writer's behalf. It's the forbidden love. And I think it's paid off pretty well so far.

Victoria Konefal: There are many factors that I think played a role in Cin's popularity. First and foremost, I think it stems from my chemistry with Rob. He and I have forged such a genuine friendship and bond that translates onscreen. We are comfortable with each other, which is key in making an on-screen couple sell. I also think it has a lot to do with Ciara's family legacy. Cin almost mirrors Bo and Hope's relationship in many ways, and that pulls the audience's heartstrings. There's also the concept of "the bad boy falling for the good girl" which appeals to a lot of the fans. 

In terms of Cin being this generations soap super couple: I'm not entirely sure. It seems strange to deem my own work something that is worthy of a title with that high of a caliber. I'm gonna leave it to the fans on this one, but as far as I've noticed I think they'd say yes.

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Are Ben and Ciara reminiscent of the show's celebrated couple Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso)? The magazine felt so, as did Konefal, where she said:

Victoria: I do! I think it was written that way over time on purpose. They definitely mimic the romantic elements of the story in a way that pays homage to one of the most legendary super couples on the show. I'm very proud and honored to be a part of it.

Who would Wilson and Konefal like to see their characters in a love triangle with? According to the pair:

Robert: Dangerous question... we have some passionate/ hardcore fans so... guess we'll have to wait and see (and take cover). 

Victoria: Wow, a truly loaded question. At the very beginning we had a love triangle with Lucas Adams' character, Tripp. That was very wholesome because Tripp is such a loving and respectful man. The stakes were also low during that time because Ben and Ciara barely even started loving each other. It's different now. Realistically, I don't think there is a chance they would let someone come between them. Then again, anything can happen on a soap. I think it might present a juicy dynamic if Jake was involved somehow. He is Ben's best friend and boss. They are also both incredibly masculine characters, so a showdown between the two in efforts to gain Ciara's affection would be a messy one. I feel like they would throw motorcycle parts at each other at some point. Being familiar with their on-screen chemistry, I know they'd find a way to make it comical.

Interesting. To see what the two has to say about fans embracing Ben's past, click here.