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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bonnie Cries a River of Tears and Gives Justin The Story of Her Life

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 15, 2021
Bonnie Lockhart, Days of Our Lives

Judi Evans

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Justin busts into the interrogation room to let Rafe know his interview with Bonnie is finito because he's her lawyer. Bonnie is surprised since Justin's attitude was quite salty the day before.

Bonnie wants to start at the beginning, around 2003. Bonnie reminds him of the Buddy Bucks scam involving Calista's husband, who gave her the winning ticket. Calista reminds her it's a 50/50 split and not a total win. Bonnie tries to tell Harrison she's not interested, so he tells Calista to take off. Harrison tries to convince her with a gun and some handsy-hands.

Harrison gets rough with Bonnie and rips her dress. Bonnie then pulls the gun on him, which oddly turns him on even more. Bonnie orders him to stay away from her and Harrison isn't so turned on anymore, he's just mad. He lunges for Bonnie and the gun goes off. Calista comes in and finds her husband dead on the floor.

Justin tells Bonnie it wasn't her fault. Bonnie explains how she had a husband who beat her every day, so when Harrison touched her, she was done. Bonnie recalls how Calista didn't believe her and says she just wanted all the money for herself. When Calista threatens to call the police, Bonnie drops the gun and runs away. Bonnie tells Justin she flushed the ticket and Calista never came after her, but Bonnie eventually went to prison because they found her husband's body in her yard.

Justin wants to know why Calista popped up out of the blue. Bonnie explains that Calista wanted Bonnie to drain Justin's bank account, but she refused. She opted for Xander because it was likely the money was already dirty. Bonnie avoided Justin to keep him from paying for her sins. Bonnie fills Justin in on what happened on their wedding day. Justin claims it was an accident and self-defense. Bonnie is relieved and overjoyed when Justin believes her and agrees to defend her. Bonnie adds that she didn't kill her husband, but Mimi did. She implores Justin to keep it quiet and he tells her he loves her. He assures her all this is over, he still plans on marrying her.

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Chloe and Nicole are talking about her feelings for Rafe, which she denies . . . again. Chloe wonders if she's punishing herself because she feels guilty for cheating on Eric. Nicole tells Chloe she won't take her friend's man. Despite Chloe's concerns about Ava's history, Nicole assures her she just wants to do the right thing. Nicole however, believes Philip does have a reason to be jealous of Brady. Chloe wonders what Nicole could possibly mean. Nicole explains Brady had a commitment to Kristen and thinks Chloe's feelings haven't gone away. 

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Brady, Gabi, and Jake are in Horton Square. Gabi is encouraging Brady to fight for his legacy with Victor. Philip walks up and isn't thrilled with this turn of events. He wants to know if the duo are plotting with Brady behind his back. 

Jake explains they were just giving Brady hell for putting spyware on their computers. Brady denies any wrongdoing and decides to leave. He tells them he has very important work with Chloe. Philip doesn't seem too happy with that jab.

Gabi and Jake try to convince Philip they were threatening Brady not helping him. They bring up Chloe, fueling Philip's jealousy. Philip keeps asking questions about Brady, and Gabi and Jake don't help the situation. When Philip leaves, they're very happy with themselves. Later, they gloat about how the wedge between Philip and Brady will have Victor running to them for help with Titan.

Brady arrives at the Basic Black and Nicole departs. Brady admits he heard what they were talking about, but she tries to back pedal. Chloe changes the subject and asks if he had anything to do with the spyware. Brady denies it and lets Chloe know he likes having her around, just as Philip pops in. He doesn't waste any time telling Brady and Chloe the scuttlebutt he heard from Gabi and Jake.

The war between Brady and Philip takes a turn when Brady tells Philip he said no such thing. Brady relates exactly what happened in Horton Square, but Philip is reluctant to believe him. Brady gets irritated with Philip and takes his leave. 

Ben and Ciara are coming home from dinner debating about their favorite foods. Ciara promises to help him work off those extra calories. A guide delivers the bad news that Oak Alley Plantation is closed for the day. Ciara tells the guide her and her parents' stories, and now they can get a tour. After the tour, the three talk about the true history of the plantation. Ben starts to get uncomfortable and can't explain what he's feeling. The newlyweds leave as a storm kicks up.

Nicole and Rafe run into each other at the Brady Pub. Nicole tries to run off, but Rafe tells her they are friends and live in a small town. He doesn't want them to avoid each other forever. Rafe wants to know where Nicole heard she has feelings for him. When he pushes the issue, Nicole says he admitted it to Ava. Rafe tells her she was married to Eric and didn't pursue it. Now he's with Ava, so that's the end of it. Rafe questions Nicole's feelings now. It's all over for her now and she goes into the pub.

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