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General Hospital's Maurice Benard on Nina: "We’ve All Done Things in The Name of Love"

Nina Sonny

As General Hospital's Sonny (Maurice Benard) possibly inches closer to reclaiming is old life, he'll have to confront the woman who kept him from it: new love Nina (Cynthia Watros). Benard chatted with Soap Hub about working with Watros and understanding Nina's motivations.

He dished of his co-star:

Cynthia’s been kicking butt. She’s been given a difficult role. She’s amazing and she’s a trooper.

Nina justified her actions to Jax (Ingo Rademacher) by saying Sonny is better off as "Mike." Benard said of those scenes: 

They were fantastic! Fantastic! [Laughs] I’ve already kissed Ingo’s butt enough. And I’ll always kiss hers. In this story, they’re both [fantastic]. This story is real. Acting-wise, they were both great in those scenes. I would watch those or some similar ones on TV and I’d call Ingo and say, ‘I’m tired of kissing your [butt], but you were wonderful. So was Cynthia.

Could the Crimson editor spilling the beans have had a negative effect on Sonny/"Mike"? Benard speculated:

That’s interesting. I told Cynthia on this subject to just concentrate on the fact that you’re keeping this man from his bad life. You also see how peaceful he is. You see how happy he is and then, you fall in love with him. We’ve all done things in the name of love. Wait till you see the next month.