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Perkie's Observations: Sonny's Visions of Mike Propel Him to Remember Carly on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 16, 2021
Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Monica arrives for the wedding and Jason is happy to see her. Bobbie checks in with Carly and wonders if she still has cold feet. Carly says she was just feeling nostalgic

Olivia continues to complain to Ned about Austin. Maxie's curious about the argument between Austin and Olivia, but he says it's a medical issue.

Gladys arrives with Vincent Novak and snarks about Carly moving on so soon after Sonny's death. Vincent mentions Brando having worked for Cyrus and offers him a position, but Brando's not interested.

Diane offers her congratulations to Jason.

Willow talks to Michael about missing Sonny, but he says he's happy for the bridal couple.

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Vincent, Charles Buscema, and Ms. Wu continue to conspire against Carly and Jason. Vincent tells Jason he had sent Joey away and apologizes for all the trouble he caused.

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The wedding ceremony begins. Josslyn walks down the aisle followed by Carly. Josslyn does a reading and then the happy couple exchange their vows. The two light a candle for those they've lost.

In Nixon Falls, firefighters get to the burning bar, but don't seem to be in a rush to get in to save Sonny. The police want to know who set the fire and Nina tells them it was Peter.

Jax accuses Nina of allowing Peter to run amok without telling anyone. Jax calls Maxie to warn her, but she doesn't pick up. (SEND A TEXT JAX!) Nina promises Phyllis that she'll tell Sonny the truth when he comes out. A firefighter tells Nina they can't reach Sonny.

Sonny wakes up and "sees" the blonde woman and begs her to help him. Sonny has a dream where Mike (his father, not to be confused with Sonny's alter ego!!) is there. Mike tells Sonny that it's time to go home now. Sonny tells Mike he's happy in Nixon Falls, but Mike says he needs to know his past in order to move forward. Sonny has a couple of memories that ironically all involve violence. Sonny complains about the memories and tells Mike his family is better off without him.

Mike says he would choose to remember and fight for everything. Sonny sees the woman again, who turns out to be Carly. Mike tells Sonny he can die as "Mike" or live as the man he is. Sonny, while on the floor of the bar, calls out Carly's name. (**My thoughts today: Max Gail reminds me of my father, who has passed, so I always get a warm feeling when he shows up. Why weren't Danny and Jake at the wedding? They were glaringly absent. Trina's dress was stunning!) 

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