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The Young And The Restless' Courtney Hope on Sally: "I Still See Her as a Survivor!"

Courtney Hope

Courtney Hope is a breath of fresh air on The Young and the Restless as Sally Spectra. But does the redhead really deserve her Genoa City reputation as a bad-girl schemer? Hope shared her thoughts with Soap Opera Digest.

Hope is still Team Sally after the designer blackmailed Summer (Hunter King). She explained:

I still see her as a survivor! She doesn’t do anything to intentionally hurt other people. I mean, come on, she got Summer a better job.

Sally's gig at Newman Media might offer lots of second chances. She's working with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Adam (Mark Grossman), both of whom have sought redemption in the past. Hope mused of Sally's new job:

It’s what she needs. Whenever she did anything nice for anyone, it was like, ‘What do you really want?’ And if she did anything wrong, it was, ‘Oh, that’s Sally!’ Working at Newman Media, Sally feels like she can breathe a little because Chloe and Adam somewhat trust and understand her. Instead of always having to prove herself, she can do her job, which is what she’s really all about. Her work is everything to her.

Hope is enjoying exploring Sally's next chapter, explaining:

I love Liz. She’s wonderful and her energy is great. I like our two characters together and they have a fun banter. I think Mark is a fantastic actor. I’m really excited for what the writers have in store for Sally and Adam, in whatever capacity that may be. They’re on the same level in a lot of ways and challenge each other. I think there’s a potential for some great story.