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Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers Talks Lani's Maternity Twist

Sal Stowers, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Days of Our LivesLani Price Grant (Sal Stowers) has some major drama coming her way. Her "aunt" Paulina (Jackée Harry) is actually her birth mother, and there's no way Lani is going to take news of her true parentage lying down whenever she finds out! Stowers discussed working with TV legends and having to find out Lani isn't actually Abe's (James Reynolds) daughter with Soap Hub.

In the past year, Lani's family tree has been expanded to include characters played by Harry and Marla Gibbs (Olivia Price). Stowers called working with Harry "effortless." Of Gibbs, she commented:

She’s this pioneer… such a legend. Her presence is so graceful and royal, and she’s wonderful to be around. I remember the first day she came on set. She saw me and automatically called me by my character’s name — 'I love you so much Lani, and I’ve been watching you.' She’s a true fan of the show. She watches it and knows everybody, all the characters and storylines. She was so precious. I remember hugging her and feeling like I wanted to cry. She reminds you of a grandmother and feels like a grandmother. It felt so special to be hugging her and be able to work with her.

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But Gibbs' arrival meant that a Price family secret was revealed to viewers: Lani's maternity! This means her character isn't Abe's daughter anymore. She admitted of Reynolds:

I was brought onto the show to play his daughter. That was the whole reason my character was brought to Salem. So, for me, it didn’t make any sense at first. I was deeply saddened because I love Lani being Abe’s daughter and everything they’ve worked through. Also, I think so highly of James Reynolds. He’s such a legend. He’s worked so hard in the industry. I’m there to lift him up, to add value to his stories, and to create with him. I didn’t want anything to be taken away from him… I was absolutely heartbroken. My feelings were just like, Wait. No. I don’t want this to happen. I don’t like it.

Since then, she has seen the storyline's dramatic potential, adding:

Obviously, I have to look at the writers’ standpoint and the show and what they’re trying to create. That’s just how this game is. You have to know that at the end of the day the writers are going to tell a story that’s going to benefit everybody, and it’s going to make the fans fall more in love with the characters.