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Perkie's Observations: Anna And Her Gun Track Down Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 20, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Mob bosses Buschema and Novak's limo explodes, and Jason admits he knew thanks to Ms. Wu. He says Spinelli managed to reroute the bomb away from their limo. Ms. Wu says it was Cyrus' plan to kill Carly and Jason, and she pretended to go along.

At the reception, Spinelli tells Diane and Brando about the car bomb, and Brando tells Gladys she's been stood up.

Olivia confronts Austin about Leo's lack of communication, but he refuses to engage. Ned tries to have her see reason, but Olivia's too stubborn. Ned begs her to consider having Leo checked out.

Jason tells Spinelli the police are on the scene, but Spinelli promises they won't find anything linking the bomb to them.

Jason and Carly have their first dance. Michael gives a speech. Carly tosses the bouquet, which Willow catches. Monica gives her approval for Carly and Jason to leave the party.

In Nixon Falls, Sonny screams at Nina that he's going home to Carly. Jax offers to have his plane take Sonny home. (Again, how does he have no injuries from being hit and pinned under a cement beam, then hours inhaling smoke? So dumb.)

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Valentin and Anna show up at the hospital, and Nina tells them Peter is responsible for the fire. Anna asks why Nina didn't contact them or the police when Peter showed up, and Nina admits that Peter was blackmailing her. Nina begs Valentin to stop Peter before he finds Maxie.

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Valentin and Anna manage to ping Peter's location, but when they get there, they find his abandoned car. The two separate to look for him on foot and Valentin promises to shoot Peter on sight.

Nina calls Maxie to let her know that Peter's on his way.

Anna pulls her gun as she comes across Peter. (I swear to Dog, if she doesn't shoot him in the head and lets him talk her out of doing it, I will be pissed!)

Chase checks in on Brook Lynn and makes a comment that Bailey doesn't look like either Valentin or Brook Lynn. Chase mentions he'll be getting his marriage annulled, but he doesn't regret marrying Willow because she brought him back from near death. Chase apologizes to Brook Lynn for finding the document to give to Austin. The two spend some cute flirty time together.

Carly and Jason head home to the bedroom just as Sonny walks in the front door. Sonny glances around the living room before heading upstairs. (Uhm, this house is supposed to have a security gate at the front door. Was no one down there surprised to have Sonny suddenly walk up?)

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