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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Carly's Heat Is Doused By Sonny's Shocking Return on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 21, 2021
Steve Burton, Laura Wright

Steve Burton, Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny walks in on Carly and Jason, causing her to pass out. When she comes around, Carly hugs Sonny and is grateful he's alive. Sonny says he couldn't find his way home, then shares a hug with Jason.

Peter chews the scenery trying to manipulate Anna, who sees through it and warns him she'll shoot him if he reaches for his gun. Peter brings up Finn and claims he'll tell the police what Finn did, but Anna's not concerned. (Yeah, Peter literally has no case against Finn here since there was no security footage and zero proof anything happened to him. Also, shut up Peter!)

Peter goes for his gun, so Anna shoots him in the arm. (THE HEAD dagnabit, how many times have I told you to go for his big dumb ass head?) Anna asks where Drew is, but he refuses to say.

Valentin shows up with his gun, but gets distracted, as does Anna, and Peter takes off by jumping into a river. (Good Lord, for two intelligent government agents, these two are completely inept. And it hurts me to say this about MY Anna Freakin' Devane.) Anna makes calls to have a search team sent out to look for Peter. She mentions the call she heard Peter making and tells Valentin she thinks Peter's not in charge.

Michael and Willow stay back at the reception and natter on and on and on AND ON about possibly moving in together. (I don't care.)

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Maxie insists that Austin get her to the Quartermaines because Peter has been spotted. She's worried about the baby, but covers by saying Peter would come after Valentin through Bailey.

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Brook Lynn and Chase continue to be flirty-flirty. Maxie shows up and tells them that Peter is on his way back. Chase makes phone calls and checks the house, while Maxie thanks Brook Lynn again for keeping Louise safe.

Brook Lynn thinks, for security purposes, that Maxie should move in, but she disagrees. Chase returns to let them know everything that law enforcement is doing to find Peter. He promises that Peter won't get near Maxie.

Britt tells Liz she knows that she deleted the files to help keep Britt's mind off her mother and Jason, and thanks her. Scotty shows up to spend time with Britt.

Austin gets to the hospital looking for Britt and tells them that Peter was spotted. Finn and Liz can't understand how that's possible. Austin tells Britt, who's more worried about Maxie, since Peter is obsessed with her.

Carly says she gave up hoping and Sonny tells her he understands that she moved on. Jason tells Sonny how he and Carly got married to secure their position for the business. Carly admits she had to run the business while Jason was in prison.

Carly and Jason run through everything that happened, right up to today's wedding. Sonny agrees the wedding was a great strategy. (Good Lord, I think if you look up anti-climax in the dictionary, it will have a picture of these last two weeks right there.)

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