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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena's Possession Is Complete

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 21, 2021
Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Lani goes to Paulina's to pick up the babies. She indicates she knows that Paulina and Abe are getting married. Lani needs assurance from Paulina that she won't break his heart or cause problems for her father. Paulina skirts around the biggest issue, then tells her how Doug grabbed her butt . . . in front of Julie to boot! She wonders if Abe is the jealous type and asks Lani if it would be okay to tell him about it.

Allie is with John talking about Johnny's movie, but she really wants to dig for more intel about Marlena's possession. John denies it ever happened and says it was a fabrication. Allie somehow finds the battle between good and evil compelling. When Allie turns to leave, John stops her.

John asks Allie to sit down and tells her the truth about what happened with MarDevil. Allie finds it hard to believe, but John explains he just wants to bury that dark period of their past. John explains he will tell Allie everything, but only if she can handle all of the truth. Allie later asks if there was an exorcism. John explains there was and he performed it. He tells Allie to find another story to tell. She wonders if there is more to this story he wants squashed.

Johnny gets a call from Sami. He has questions about Grandma Marlena. The call gets full of static and drops. Chanel interrupts and Johnny fills her in on why he was calling his mama. Chanel is skeptical about MarDevil, yet creeped out by Johnny's tale. Johnny changes the subject and tells her he likes her and wants to have a date. Chanel's willing to pick up where they left off. They decide to make out.

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Julie rushes into Marlena's office to find Doug on the floor. Marlena stares blankly whilst Julie implores Marlena to help him. Marlena comes around and calls for help, but leaves Doug alone on the floor. 

Later, Julie leaves Doug's hospital room. She finds Marlena at the nurses station and asks what happened with Doug. Poor Marlena doesn't have a solid answer for Julie. Julie wonders if Marlena's okay. Marlena relates the clinical aspect of their session, which Julie is already aware of.

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Side Note: The continuous flashbacks of DevilDoug have me howling! Bill Hayes is amazing!

Tripp and Kayla are at Doug's bedside. His ECG shows no sign of heart damage, yet he had signs of a cardiac event. Kayla checks the machine whilst Tripp tends to Doug. Doug suddenly wakes up and grabs Tripp's arm. As Kayla pulls Doug's tight grip from Tripp, his vitals head south. They're able to stabilize him.

Abe turns up at Paulina's. He informs her he invited John and Marlena to dinner. Paulina isn't thrilled with socializing with Marlena, so she makes up an excuse. The two decide to go out alone.

Allie returns to Horton Square to find Johnny and Chanel making out. She informs them the stories about MarDevil are indeed true. Johnny looks intrigued whilst Chanel looks unnerved.

Marlena comes home and tells John that Doug collapsed in her office. She just can't explain to him exactly what happened. 

Julie is with Doug, who wakes up at the same time Marlena is talking to John. Doug tells Julie that "he" left him and went into her. Julie is bumfuzzled and when she questions him, Doug passes out. Marlena and John are embracing. When she opens her eyes, they're yellow.

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