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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Sonny Have an Emotional Reunion With Their Family on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 22, 2021
Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny declares himself back. He says he spent nine months not knowing who he was, but knew he was missing something. Sonny also claims he knows he was missing Carly and the kids (big fat liar, you had no interest in even looking for them). Carly removes Jason's ring and Sonny puts his back on her finger. Sonny says he needs to see his kids.

Jason removes his wedding band. Dante shows up to talk to Jason about the car explosion. Jason tells Dante that Sonny's alive as he comes downstairs. The two share a hug. Dante says he loves Sonny and he's glad Sonny is his father. Sonny says he's been given a gift and he loves Dante.

Michael and Willow get home and have an awkward exchange with Chase. Chase says he's ready to move on with his life. Michael gets a call to get to the compound and heads out. Chase apologizes to Willow about stealing the document for Austin. Willow forgives him and says she's happy for him. Chase asks Brook Lynn out for a drink.

The teens hang out by the pool and the girls are not amused when Cameron says he invited Spencer and Esme to join them. Spencer shows up and apologizes to Trina for being selfish and entitled. He thinks Trina's awesome and begs for her forgiveness. Esme shows up and goes a couple of rounds with Josslyn about Jason and her "family". Josslyn makes a veiled threat to Esme about people disappearing if they bother her. Josslyn gets the family text and heads out.

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Esme and Trina discuss Spencer, and Esme makes a comment about them being a team. When she leaves, Trina remembers some key conversations with both Spencer and Esme, and realizes what being a team means. (I'm telling ya, Trina needs to take over the PCPD and all of the PI firms in town. Girlfriend is the smartest one.)

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Ava gives Kristina the keys to Charlie's to handle in her absence. Ava asks about Carly and Jason's wedding, and Kristina says she chose not to go since it would make Sonny's death more real. Ava gets her final divorce papers, and tells Kristina she just needs to sign them and her marriage will be over. Kristina gets the text to come to the compound.

Jax updates Nina that law enforcement is looking for Peter. Nina wonders where she's going to go now, since she can't go to Port Charles. Phyllis tells her The Tan-O is gone. Phyllis is quick to put the blame on Nina's shoulders (Hey Phyllis, remember when you didn't help Sonny find his family and pushed him towards Nina, like it was your job?)

Nina says Sonny became Mike and and a different man as a result. She says she fell in love with Mike. Nina doesn't know how to fix things. Phyllis says she needs to move forward by owning it up and accepting the consequences

Michael and Josslyn are shocked when they see Sonny. Kristina gets there and immediately starts crying and hugging her father. (Lexi's an amazing cryer, she made me tear up even though I hate Sonny.) Sonny thanks Jason for taking care of his family while he was gone.

Jason leaves as the rest of them celebrate as a family. (I feel like I wasted 9 months on a story that's basically back where it was.)

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