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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Summons Philip to Expose Gabi and Jake

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 22, 2021
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Gabi is cooking at Casa Hernandez and Jake comes in a very happy man. He has good news . . . Brady is visiting Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. Gabi wonders how Jake knows what's happening (in between gulps of food). Jake reveals he's looking out for Gabi and the two get hot thinking about their push to the summit of Titan. No worries. Ava comes in and cools them down.

Side Note: Jake really loves his food.

Ava bucks up and lets Gabi know she's aware of what Gabi was doing to Rafe. Ava also lets Gabi know that she and Jake are welcome to find another place to live if they're not happy there.

Victor is giddy that Bonnie is in the slammer where she belongs. Victor wonders if Chloe's confiding in Brady since they're working for the enemy. Victor tells Brady he thinks Philip is doing an excellent job at Titan, but Brady is always welcome.

Brady blabs that Philip's jealousy is the problem at Titan. He tells Victor about the last business trip to NY with Chloe and how Philip showed up unannounced at their hotel. Victor's not happy that Philip may be spending less time focused on Titan business. However, Victor would rather get rid of Chloe than Philip, and he needs Brady to woo her away.

Philip comes to Basic Black to whisk Chloe off for a private picnic. The duo reminisce about the old days when they were at the same spot. (Cue a flashback to Philip carving their initials in a tree, then chopping it down.) Philip decides to fix his past mistakes and plant a new tree in its place. He wants a new, better beginning.

Xander is still in pain while talking on the phone to Justin. He wants his money back and Justin tells him it will take some time. Xander has no time because he's broke and thinks the police will come for him. (Knock, knock! Who could it be?)

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It's only Jack, not the police. Xander lets him in and claims he thought the front desk wanted their money. Jack tells Xander he's there to apologize. He lets Xander know he's sorry now that he knows the truth about everything. Xander says Jack's his mate and it's not the first time he's been tossed out. Jack lets Xander know he understands.

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Jack explains Gwen was a prostitute and he's unsure of why Abigail fits into that picture. Xander gets it now and flashes back to when he told Gwen what to say to save her relationship with Jack. Xander explains he thought Jack always thought of Abigail as the good daughter. 

Abigail returns to the House of Horton and surprises Gwen, who didn't know she was back in town. Abigail tells a jittery Gwen she's there to talk about what happened between them. Abigail says Gwen pushed her to the limit, but admits she could have handled it better.

When Gwen asks how, Abigail tells her she pushed Chad away after she found out about them, but the pregnancy announcement pushed her into another place. She admits she didn't want Gwen to have Chad's baby. Abigail explains she didn't see the the baby as a person, but a wedge between her and Chad. Gwen tears up as Abigail acknowledges her baby was a human being she's still grieving for. Abigail tears up as mother to mother, she tells Gwen how deeply sorry she is.

Gwen thanks Abigail for her apology. She tells Abigail she blamed her for her miscarriage, but understands Abigail didn't consciously set out to hurt her. Now Gwen has something to tell Abigail. She doesn't think Abigail should feel sorry as Gwen admits she fell and wasn't pushed. Abigail says she should have let Gwen see Chad that day. Gwen understand what living with the burden of guilt feels like and won't hold a grudge against her.

Suddenly Gwen shows up at Xander's hotel room. She's surprised daddy Jack is there and he's ready to bolt (wink, wink). And he does. Xander tells Gwen he almost blew it for her. They chitchat and Xander wonders if they are a thing.

It's revealed that Ava overheard Gabi and Jake's plans. She texts Philip to come to her pronto! Philip arrives and Ava lets him know that Gabi is plotting against him. 

Gabi and Jake get to the DiMera mansion and let Abigail know they're moving back in.

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