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Perkie's Observations: Trina Enlists Cameron's Help In Trapping Spencer and Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 23, 2021
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: Britt is surprised to run into Jason at the gym the day after his wedding. Jason says the wedding isn't valid because Sonny is alive. Britt figures this must be a major adjustment for him and Carly, and wonders how he stopped his feelings. Jason says Sonny's not dead so their lives go back to the way they were before. Britt admits she feels a little vindicated knowing that Carly chose Sonny. Britt tells Jason that Peter is alive and explains about Liesl's disappearance. Jason offers to have Spinelli look into the plane charter, but Britt refuses.

Trina wants Ava to stay in town, but she says the stalker is still out there. Cameron shows up after Ava leaves and Trina tells him she knows who's stalking Ava. She says Spencer and Esme are working together, and explains her line of thought, but Cameron's not ready to believe it. Trina eventually convinces him, so Cameron agrees to help her try to trap one of them.

Carly's thrilled to have Sonny and his coffee back home. Sonny has to wear one of his standard suits because Carly put all of his belongings in the attic. Ava shows up and is shocked to see Sonny. Ava tells Sonny about her stalker and why she's leaving town. Ava asks for their help in saying goodbye to Avery.

Spencer and Esme move into Wyndemere. Nikolas is grateful to have his son back home. When she's alone with Kevin, Esme mentions how she wants to go into medicine since she finds psychiatry fascinating. Kevin's a little put off by the strange girl.

Kevin questions whether Nikolas is ready to handle the teens. Nikolas says he's willing to do anything to have Spencer back in his life. Kevin warns him that Esme may be an issue, but Nikolas is happy that she's in Spencer's life.

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Spencer eavesdrops as Kevin asks about his marriage. Nikolas tells him the divorce is final and all Ava has to do is sign the final papers. Nikolas wonders who hates them this much. When Nikolas says he's happy to have Spencer back, Kevin reminds him to be a father to him and not a friend. Esme tells Spencer he's getting everything he wants.

Anna and Valentin are concerned about finding Peter since he now has a head start on them. They want to talk to Nina, but Jax says she left the hospital against medical advice. He tells them that Sonny's alive and Nina kept the truth from everyone. Anna gets a call from the WSB that Chloe Jennings made it to the US consulate in Crete. They're surprised to hear that the real Chloe is alive.

Nina heads to Port Charles to see Maxie. Maxie tells her that Peter is still on the loose and is glad Louise is safe. Nina blames herself and explains what happened with Peter. Maxie tells her about Liesl's disappearance. Nina tells her about Mike, which is why she didn't call the police on Peter. Nina says she has to figure out a way to make it right with Sonny. Maxie says Nina owes Sonny distance so he can reconnect with his family.

Sonny promises Carly that nothing will separate them again. Sonny heads to the cemetery to see his grave and he finds Nina.

Maxie summons Britt and tells her she knows what happened to Liesl.

Jason stops in to see Carly.

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