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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Reclaims The DiMera Mansion From Gabi's Scheming Hands

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 23, 2021
Ej DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Rafe is hardly working in his office when EJ comes in. EJ wants his million dollars back from the Lockhart case. Rafe wonders how that could be since Bonnie stole it from Xander. EJ claims it's payment from Xander for legal fees. Rafe explains the DA will hold the money until the case is resolved. EJ thinks it's personal, but Rafe informs him it's out of his hands and realizes Nicole's story was right. EJ is dismissed from Rafe's office.

Xander acknowledges to Gwen they are in good standing with Jack, but he wants to know where they stand. Gwen thinks they're friends, but Xander may think otherwise. When Gwen questions him, Xander says Jack was asking about his intentions towards her, which she finds amusing. Xander assures her that big daddy just wants to make sure she's taken care of. 

Xander still wants an answer, but Gwen hedges by recounting their history and hers. Dickens, alcohol, and sex were her focus, and Xander totally gets it. Gwen admits that Jake was the first person she cared about, but it was dysfunctional and she wasn't happy about Gabi making a scoop. Xander is very supportive and thinks they're cut from the same cloth . . . then Xander talks about Sarah. All this talk about complicated feelings lead them to sex . . . twice.

Chloe walks in on Victor and Brady, who tries to tell her their conversation is not what it sounds like. Victor however, believes Brady's claims that she's a distraction to keep Philip's attention from Titan. Victor thinks Kristen's bar was so low for Brady that even Chloe can crawl over it. After Victor leaves, Brady and Chloe talk about Victor's proposal, and she tells Brady she won't tell Philip. Chloe claims they're in it for the long haul, but Brady isn't convinced.

Side Note: Victor's zingers are everything!

Previous Days of Our Lives (DAYS) Recap: Ava Summons Philip to Expose Gabi and Jake

Philip tells Ava he suspected there might be more to Gabi's story. Ava wants to repay Gabi for her interference in her relationship with Rafe and tells Philip she wants a job at Titan when one becomes available. Ava tells Philip not to leave a traitor (Gabi) in his midst just because she has a successful company.

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Rafe comes home and wonders why Philip was in his kitchen. Ava tries to cover by saying she was looking for a job. Rafe wonders why he would hire her considering their past. Ava gives Rafe the news that Gabi and Jake have moved out. Ava offers up tamales for dinner, but Rafe gets a text and has to leave . . . NOW.

When Gabi and Jake tell Abigail they're moving back in, Chad pops in and says it will happen over his dead body. Gabi reminds Chad that he and Abigail are staying in HER house out of the kindness of her heart. Gabi pulls out her owner card and boots them out . . . NOW. Oh wait, Gabi just means Chad and after a debate, he decides to leave.

EJ comes into the fray and Gabi tells him he has to go as well. EJ tells Gabi what she wants doesn't matter because HE now owns the house and has the legal papers to prove it. Chad asks EJ if he bought the bank and EJ tells him they will talk about it later. EJ looks at Gabi and Jake, and kicks them out.

Side Note: Chad looks pretty smug for a guy who's ass was saved by EJ.

Philip comes to the Kiriakis mansion and wonders what Brady is doing there. Brady claims he was visiting his grandfather. Philip encourages him to do it more often since Victor's been feeling lonely since Maggie's been gone. Philip invites Brady to stay for dinner.

Gabi and Jake return to Rafe's and tell Ava they're moving back in . . . but Jake commandeers his share of the tamales just to be safe.

Rafe shows up at the Salem Inn to arrest Xander. The charges against him have been reinstated.

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