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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Sets Nina Straight on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 24, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly and Jason are grateful that Sonny is alive, but wonder what happens now. Jason admits Carly and the kids don't need him anymore. Carly says they would have had a wonderful life together if things had been different.

Carly says she's worried about him, but Jason says he's fine. He says things will go back to the way they were. Carly tells him she meant her vows when she said them. Jason promises that they have each other no matter what. Carly wonders what they're going to tell Sonny.

Nina asks how Sonny is feeling. He barks out how she's responsible for his family's grief and he'll never forget it (unless he gets amnesia again, amirite?) (Ugh, I feel a LOT of "Shut up Sonny's coming today''). Sonny says Nina did what she did to get back at Carly.

Nina admits she wanted to hurt Carly, but then it changed when she got closer to Mike. She says she didn't plan anything and was hoping Sonny would understand. Sonny says she stole his life from him. (And my 13 yr old had to stop me from punching my TV.)

Nina says he was safer in Nixon Falls then in Port Charles and Mike was a good man. Sonny accuses Nina of leading him on, but she says nothing she did was malicious. Nina says he was at peace in Nixon Falls and all she wanted was for him to be happy.

Sonny says he's home where he belongs. Nina apologizes for the time she took from him and his family. She says she's sorry she allowed them to fall in love with each other. Nina says Mike will always be in her heart, but Sonny says Mike's gone and she needs to move on.

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Nikolas and Spencer discuss Esme and how he's connected with her. Nikolas admits he was surprised by Esme's presence since he thought Spencer had a thing for Trina. Spencer claims Trina is just a friend.

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Esme runs into Josslyn and wants to be friendly, but Josslyn is not interested. Josslyn mentions Sonny's return, which gets Esme's attention.

Cameron and Trina discuss how to trap Esme or Spencer into confessing being Ava's stalkers. When Josslyn shows up, Trina tells her she believes they're the stalkers. Josslyn thinks Spencer is in over his head with Esme. Trina says she likes Spencer and doesn't want him hurt.

Esme gets back to Wyndemere to let the men know that Sonny is alive. Nikolas figures out this might mean Avery is safe and what it means for Ava, and runs out. Spencer is thrilled about Sonny, but Esme thinks it's a problem. Esme says Nikolas will head over to get Ava back, which will ruin everything. Spencer is not worried. Nikolas looks for Ava, but runs into the teens. Trina tells him where she thinks he can find Ava.

Maxie tells Scotty and Britt that she has information on Liesl, and tells them what Nina told her about Peter. The three discuss Liesl and the plane hijacking. Britt figures  out that Liesl is not dead. Scotty is determined to find and save Liesl.

Victor tells Liesl he's been giving her time to come to terms with her new surroundings. Liesl wants to leave so she can help Britt and is angry with Victor for detaining her. Victor admits he told Peter she was laying a trap for him. Liesl warns Victor if Peter hurts anyone in her family, she'll take it out on Victor. He warns her not to antagonize him.

Victor asks for her help with a research project, and in exchange, he'll let her see Britt. He wants her cooperation. Liesl grabs a knife and holds it to him. 

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