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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Jason Conspire to Keep Their Real Marriage Quiet on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 27, 2021
Laura Wright

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny tells Nina to forget "Mike" ever existed. He says she's in love with someone who wasn't real. Nina doesn't believe that Sonny is happy with his life, but he says he is. Nina is certain there is still part of Mike in Sonny. Sonny says what Mike felt for Nina is an illusion.

Sonny wonders how long Nina would have let things go. Nina swears she would have told him, but saw him happy as Mike. Sonny says they were great together, but it wasn't real. Sonny says Nina doesn't even really like him, but Nina says Mike's qualities are there.

Nina admits she betrayed Sonny's family and knows she has to live with the anger and resentment from all of them. Sonny says she played God with his life and there will be fallout. Sonny understands that she made a mistake and Nina apologizes again.

Carly wonders what they should tell Sonny, but Jason doesn't feel that Sonny needs to know their marriage was almost real since it's over. Carly worries what Sonny went through with his bipolar disorder while he was away. She worries that if Sonny finds out they were planning a real marriage, Sonny would get paranoid about them.

Jason says if Sonny questions it, he'll admit they would have had a real marriage, but it's over and they did nothing wrong. Carly hopes Sonny won't ask since she feels what she and Jason went through is private. Jason reassures her it will all be okay.

Maxie meets Brook Lynn and Bailey, and continues to worry about Peter. Josslyn runs into them and Brook Lynn is shocked to hear that Sonny is alive. Josslyn explains where Sonny has been and wonders how Maxie knew he was back. She says Maxie should talk to Carly if she knows anything.

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Valentin and Anna sit with an unconscious Chloe in the hospital in Crete. They figure Peter or possibly the Cassadines must be responsible since their island isn't far from where they are. The two make plans to head to the island.

Liesl threatens Victor with a knife and says he'll kill him to get back to Britt. Victor's not concerned since Peter shows up with a gun in hand. (So Peter survived getting shot in the chest and jumping into water, and is now in Greece. Guy has more than nine lives, like a freakin' cockroach!) Liesl is surprised to see them working together, but Victor says Peter is useful.

Peter pulls his gun on Liesl, but Victor steps in and says he's in charge. Liesl wants Peter dead, but Victor says he can't trust Liesl. Liesl warns him that Peter will double cross him, but Victor sends her away. Victor gets a call from Chloe's doctor, letting him know of Valentin and Anna's visit.

Liz and Finn have an awkward moment that Chase witnesses and wonders about. Finn admits to Chase he and Liz almost kissed on the camping trip. Finn says he doesn't want to push things. Chase thinks they should explore things now that everything's back to normal. Finn says Liz just lost Franco and doesn't think the timing is right. He doesn't want to put Violet through it if he and Liz don't work out. Chase tells him to get out of his own way and not to overthink it.

Terry runs into Liz and wonders why she's so distracted. Liz tells her about the almost kiss, but doesn't think Finn wants to pursue anything. Liz says working to save Chase was a distraction and worries now that things have calmed down. Terry says she's overthinking it and to get out of her own way.

Finn and Liz make a date for trivia night. (Alright, I'm shipping these two pretty hard right now. Vanna didn't work for me and I hated Franco with the heat of a thousand suns, so Friz was made of all things gross. But Linn/Fiz, I'm seeing potential for something sweet.)

Josslyn drags Maxie home to talk to Carly. (This pisses me off since it shouldn't be Maxie's place to say anything about Nina. It should come from Nina herself.)

Sonny visits his father's tombstone where Jason finds him. He tells Jason to get rid of his own tombstone.

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