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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Is Stunned to Cross Paths With Drew on General Hospital

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Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie's undecided whether or not to tell Carly her news, but feels she'd want to know. Maxie blurts out that Nina has known for months that Sonny was alive. Maxie says Nina told her this morning and swears Nina was remorseful, but Carly's not having it.

Josslyn gets angry and loud, and accuses Maxie of defending Nina. Maxie says she understands what Nina did and wonders if Carly does. Carly doesn't think Nina gets an excuse since she kept Sonny from his family. Carly says Nina will have to live with the consequences.

Jason says the funeral was his idea and it was necessary in order for everyone to move on. Jason explains about the car explosion and Ms. Wu's friendship. He tells Sonny about Cyrus' involvement.

Jason asks about Sonny's bipolar disorder and he explains how Phyllis helped him. Jason thinks Sonny should see his own psychiatrist. Sonny agrees, then mentions how this is all Nina's fault. Jason gets angry and doesn't understand why Sonny isn't angry enough. Sonny says he's not happy, but doesn't want to waste time hating Nina.

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Valentin and Anna enjoy a drink. He talks about their past, and gets drunk and flirty. Anna admits she likes him, but doesn't want to. The two admit they get each other and share a hot kiss. (I might have squeed a little!). Valentin passes out and Anna puts him to bed alone. Anna asks the bartender to let Valentin know where she went (because apparently there isn't any paper or a pen in the room, nor can she leave him a text message on his phone). Of course, the bartender is evil.

Liesl is tossed into a cell and is shocked to see Drew is alive. She says she was told to check him out medically, but didn't know who her patient was. Drew explains how he came to be here. He doesn't know why he was abducted. Liesl tells him that one of the two people responsible is Peter.

Liesl explains Peter's involvement with Maxie and the baby's disappearance. Liesl brings up Victor and how he survived Crichton-Clark. Drew wonders what Victor's getting out of the arrangement with Peter. Liesl figures Peter has something Victor needs and once he gets it, he'll dispose of Peter.

Nina stops by the mansion to see Wiley. Michael wonders if Nina is back for good, but she's not certain yet. Nina says she's grateful to them for allowing her in Wiley's life.

Carly confronts Nina at the Quartermaine mansion.