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Sunny Hostin And Ana Navarro Discuss COVID False Positive Scare

Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro are opening up about the close call they had on Friday with COVID-19. The ladies discussed on Monday's episode of The View about the scare they received when they were told moments before they were about to hit the stage to speak with Vice President Kamala Harris they were both positive for COVID-19. Harris was slated for a live in-studio interview, but was canceled after the results came in. Harris instead did a remote interview with Joy Behar and Sara Haines from another location in the studio, while Hostin and Navarro were removed from stage.

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Behar updated the women's health status at the start of the show and explained they had false positives and received new testing that concluded both women were negative for the coronavirus, as they were back in studio and on stage. Navarro joked about having a freak out moment regarding her health status when she remembered she spent the day with Harris earlier on. Navarro stated:

I’m thinking I’m Typhoid Mary, and I’m going to wipe out the entire Harris family in one week.

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Hostin had a more somber moment when she explained how her husband had to be pulled out of the operating room and her daughter removed from school on Friday due to her test results. 

Hostin also explained how the entire event was "triggering" for her since her in-laws passed away from COVID-19 months before. Hostin stated:

So you can imagine how I would feel thinking I could possibly be COVID-positive and that my family could experience another loss — a loss I don’t think my husband could handle. I was relieved, to say the least, to find out that I was COVID-negative. I always was assured by the fact that I’m fully vaccinated. So even if I were COVID positive, I was convinced that I would likely be OK.

Later, Navarro addressed the remarks made by Donald Trump Jr on Twitter regarding her diagnosis. Trump said now was a great time to discuss obesity given what happened to Navarro. The political commentator responded:

OUCH! See what else she and the other ladies had to say below.