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WATCH: The Bold And The Beautiful's Kimberlin Brown And Tanner Novlan Talk Sheila And Finn's Bond (VIDEO)

Michael Fairman, Kimberlin Brown, Tanner Novlan, The Bold and the Beautiful

The recent revelation that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is Finn's (Tanner Novlan) biological mom rocked the Forrester clan on The Bold and the Beautiful. Michael Fairman TV sat down with Brown and Novlan, who discussed their characters' complex relationships.

Novlan shared that he appreciates watching Brown and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) in this storyline. He mused:

Oh, it’s awesome to be—I mean, it’s troubling for Finn. I mean, he’s in this push-pull. He’s getting pulled both ways at one time or the other time, back and forth, but it’s been really fun for an actor, to watch two powerhouse characters and actors really have two strong points of view, going at each other. It’s fun to watch those two tangle.

Brown added of Sheila:

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Last time I left the show, remember, she had turned a leaf and she was becoming a better person. And she came back to the show that same person, but Steffy and the Forresters are never going to let her be. They’re never going to let her just be the person she is today, and when they push those buttons appropriately, the old Sheila definitely surfaces. There’s no doubt about it, and she still is doing desperate things just to be loved by the people she loves. 

Fairman asked if Finn might have an "awakening" about needing to stay away from Sheila. Alternatively, will he try to cultivate a relationship with her? Novlan said:

Yeah, I think he’s going to keep trying to make this work, in the sense of, from his perspective—again, he’s a doctor; he believes in rehabilitation and second chances. He went through a lot with Steffy, through her addiction, and let's not forget she slept with Liam [Scott Clifton] and we had a pregnancy mix-up, you know. So yeah, that—so it’s a little bit hypocritical for him to not look at his mother in that way, too. 

Watch the full interview below.