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Days of Our Lives Recap: Philip Recruits Ava to Help Take Down Gabi

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 28, 2021
Philip Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Jay Kenneth Johnson

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Philip giving Chloe his big box. 

At Brady’s place, Jake stops by to check in about whether or not Brady has spoken to Victor about Philip.

At Chez Hernandez, Rafe can’t have a peaceful morning without Gabi popping in. He seems very surprised to see she has moved back in. 

At Titan, Nicole finds that DAMNED BEAR and seems to be remembering fonder times with Rafe. Suddenly, EJ appears to have a talk with her about Xander.

Speaking of Xander, he is currently handcuffed to a chair at the Salem PD. Gwen arrives because, well, she has her ways. She is quite concerned about her Xander-poo. Gwen tells him that she will make everything up to him by busting him out of jail. 

At Titan, EJ and Nicole are fighting about Xander. EJ tells her he fired Xander and withdrew as his lawyer. 

Nicole points out that EJ’s money is in evidence and Xander didn’t lose it. EJ wonders if Nicole wants him to grant Xander forgiveness. Don’t be silly. EJ then turns his attention to that DAMNED BEAR. Nicole tells him it belongs to Rafe and then regales us of its origin story. EJ begins to wonder if Nicole wants more than just Rafe’s bear. 

At Chez Hernandez, Rafe is asking Gabi about her run in with Ava. She explains how EJ bought the DiMera mansion out from under her. Rafe wants Gabi to be nicer to Ava. Gabi wants Ava not to be a bitch. Enter Ava.

Rafe thinks Gabi owes Ava an apology. Gabi is having none of Rafe’s foolishness. They continue to go at it until Ava stops them by saying she will find her own place. Rafe says he wants her to stay. 

Flashback: Ava tells Philip about Gabi and Jake’s plotting. 

Gabi continues trash talking Ava while she remains silent. Rafe continues to try to reason with Gabi.

Side Note: Why would Rafe try to reason with Gabi? 

Hell suddenly froze over because Gabi apologized not once but twice to Ava . . . she then leaves and tells Ava to choke on a ravioli. 

Ava thinks she and Gabi are somewhat alike. She also thinks Gabi may be headed for a fall. 

Rafe and Ava go on to talk about her potential job at Titan. Rafe doesn’t seem to really get why she wants to work with Philip. Ava points out that Victor used to work in the mob so they might be a great fit. 

Side Note: Nice use of history.

At Brady’s place, Jake puts his foot in his mouth leading Brady to wonder if the ex-mob dude has been trailing him. 

Brady really wants to understand why Jake is suddenly so loyal to Titan. Wait, did Brady really just figure out Jake and Gabi’s plan? That doesn’t speak well for their plan.

Brady thinks Jake and Gabi are sharks circling Philip. Brady seems to want to help Jake and tries to give him tips for corporate success. Jake thinks they want the same thing. 

Before Brady heads to the office he shows Jake out and informs Jake he knows they put the spyware on Philip’s computer. Jake stays outside the door and listens to Brady talk to Victor about the possible plot to seduce Chloe. 

Across town, Philip has given Chloe a beautiful bouquet of fire and ice roses. 

Flashback: Chloe and Philip when they first dated all those years ago. 

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Chloe and Philip gush all over each other. Philip explains to Chloe that these roses are the perfect 22nd anniversary gift. 

Side Note: It has been TWENTY-TWO YEARS! 

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Philip tells Chloe he thinks Gabi and Jake are trying to plot against him. Philip then remembers he initially thought Gabi had planted the spyware on his computer. They also put the blame on Brady. 

Side Note: Again, not a great plan, Gabi. 

Philip promises Chloe he won’t ever badmouth Brady again. Chloe even thinks Brady will be willing to help Philip investigate. 

At the Salem PD, Xander tries to convince Gwen that EJ is the one at fault. It turns out Gwen was not suggesting a jailbreak. She wants to confess to her crimes. 

Gwen isn’t going that far, but wants to admit her role in being a drug mule. Xander thinks EJ will still have him incarcerated whether or not Gwen confesses. They were getting really sappy before Gwen snaps out of it and into action. Xander needs a lawyer. Enter Justin.

Gwen is thrilled that Justin is going to help Xander. He’s actually there to see Bonnie. Justin can’t take Xander’s case because Bonnie is keeping him busy. It appears Xander might know the judge in Bonnie’s case.

It turns out this judge was the one who sentenced Xander before, and he’s corrupt. Xander explains all about the situation with the judge and EJ. Justin seems very intrigued. Gwen thinks they could help one another. 

Justin doesn’t have time for Gwen’s foolishness. She does her best to help him understand that helping Xander is like helping Bonnie because they both have the same judge. Justin is going into hypotheticals so I’m guessing he’s about to take Xander’s case. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Gwen and Xander pushing Justin to take his case. Justin is undecided and leaves to deal with Bonnie’s mess. 

Xander and Gwen try to figure out how to move forward without Justin. Gwen thinks she has an idea.

Just outside the door, Justin is asking Rafe why Bonnie hasn’t been brought to visitation. Rafe says that Bonnie’s visitation privileges have been restricted due to bad behavior. 

At Titan, EJ is making fun of Rafe dating Ava the mob princess. Nicole says she doesn’t want anyone because she is going through a divorce. EJ thinks it’s a wise move to stay out of Ava’s way. 

Side Note: I may have squealed a bit when EJ called Nicole his favorite ex-wife. 

Nicole tells EJ that Ava has changed. EJ is doubtful, but Nicole explains she has suffered some losses. EJ wants Nicole to know she deserves better than Rafe. He goes on to suggest that they could move on together. Nicole thinks he has a big ego. EJ thought Nicole always liked his big . . . ego. 

Side Note: I seriously like these two together.

At Chez Hernandez, Ava tells Rafe that she really doesn’t want to come between him and Gabi. Rafe just thinks Ava is swell for being so nice to Gabi. Then, they get all kissy face. 

In Horton Square, Gabi and Jake meet to give each other updates. Jake is about to tell Gabi about the information he learned about Brady, Victor, and Chloe. 

Jake tells Gabi that Victor wanted Brady to seduce Chloe, but it is a no go. Gabi immediately says they are going to use Chloe to take down Philip. 

Across town, Philip says he doesn’t need Brady’s help. Chloe thinks he should just fire them. Philip says patience is the order of the day. Maybe he’ll try to steal GabiChic!

In the hallway, Brady runs into Chloe holding Philip’s flowers. Chloe wants to know what Brady told Philip. Brady promises not to interfere with her and Philip.

Back at Chez Hernandez, Philip comes-a-callin. Ava wonders if he has thought more about their conversation. Philip wants to know if Ava wants to help him take down Gabi Hernandez!

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