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Perkie's Observations: Carly Drops a Nuclear Bomb on Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 29, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason takes Sonny to be checked out at the hospital. He says he'll talk to Diane about how to get Sonny legally declared alive. Sonny says he needs to tell Carly about Nina's involvement. Epiphany is thrilled to see Sonny, who says he's here to see Dr. Sullivan for a psych evaluation. Pif checks Sonny's vitals and the two discuss what happened with Jason's arrest and escape with Britt.

Jason talks to Britt, who asks about Liesl and offers his services, but she turns him down again. Sonny asks Jason if he left Britt for Carly and maybe he can be with Britt now.

Carly insists Nina tell her why she played God with Sonny's life. Carly says Nina will pay the consequences. Nina says she regrets what she did and is sorry for the pain she caused, but Carly's not buying it. Nina says Carly hasn't owned up to her part.

Nina says she called Carly the minute she saw Sonny, which annoys Carly even more. Nina mentions how Jax knew about Sonny and encouraged her to tell the truth, which she was planning to do. Nina says Carly got Sonny back, while she won't see her daughter again. Carly figures this was payback for Nelle.

Josslyn calls Jason to let him know that Carly knows about Nina and took off. He promises to find her. Josslyn joins Cameron and Trina for Operation SpEsme. Cameron's having second thoughts, but Trina's desperate to help Ava.

Esme's still ticked that Nikolas went after Ava and Spencer did nothing about it. Spencer's not concerned. Cameron shows up claiming to need help with his schoolwork. Cameron spins a yarn that Nikolas and Ava are getting back together and heading to Bora Bora.

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Cameron leaves the room. Spencer gets angry because his father is picking Ava over him again. Esme says she'll deal with this and for him to trust her. Esme heads to the hospital. Josslyn follows her and sees Esme approach Sonny.

Spencer wants to know the real reason for Cameron's visit and he admits that they're worried that Esme has a strange hold on Spencer. Spencer says Esme loves him, unlike his father. Cameron thinks the Cassadine men can put their differences behind them, but Spencer disagrees. Spencer says he can't have that bond with his father after what he's done. Cameron questions what he's done.

Scotty questions whether or not Ava really wants to divorce Nikolas, as Nikolas arrives. Ava says he's too late and she's getting ready to leave Port Charles. Nikolas says there is no need for the divorce because Sonny is alive and can protect Avery. He thinks this changes everything, but Ava disagrees.

Ava believes Avery will continue to be in danger as long as Ava stays in PC. Ava feels she needs to walk away. Scotty steps in and tells them they shouldn't follow through with their divorce. Scotty says true love is worth fighting for. He thinks the answer to the stalker problem is for them to date other people for show, but they disagree. Nikolas finally decides Ava might be right in keeping them apart. Scotty takes the divorce papers. Nikolas tells Ava he'll find the stalker and asks her to wait for him.

Carly says the world is better off without Nelle. Nina accuses Carly of not telling anyone about Nelle's fall. Carly counters that Nina kept Sonny from his family. Nina says she'll apologize to everyone except Carly.

Carly doesn't feel sorry for keeping the truth about Nelle from Nina or keeping her from Wiley. Nina says Carly should be happy that Sonny is back, but wonders how long he'll be happy. Nina says Mike was happy with his life and wasn't dealing with the mob violence that took his son.

Jason arrives as Carly throws herself at Nina, putting himself between them. Nina says she'll be back to see Wiley, despite Carly screaming at her that she'll never see him again. Jason tries to calm Carly down, but she swears she'll burn Nina's life down and spit on her ashes.

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