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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nicole Ignores Brady and Makes a Date With EJ

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 29, 2021
Arianne Zucker

Arianne Zucker

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Gabi and Jake continuing their discussion about how to take down Philip. Gabi needs coffee, which was earlier denied her because of Ava.

Gabi finally has her coffee and explains her situation with Ava to Jake. She doesn’t believe for a minute that Ava has changed. Gabi wonders if Jake knows any hitmen.

Jake is worried she’s serious. Gabi says it’s hypothetical. Jake tries to explain to Gabi WHO Ava Vitali is. Gabi wonders if Jake ever killed anyone. 

Jake avoids the topic and continues to warn Gabi about the mob. He explains how he made money for the Vitali family by collecting money from local businesses in exchange for the Vitali protection. 

Jake is thankful he is out from under mob control. Gabi wonders if they could use Ava’s past against her. Jake freaks and Gabi backs down. She quickly gets them back to the subject of taking Philip down. Jake hugs her and tells Gabi how grateful he is for her. 

At Chez Hernandez, Philip and Ava are talking about taking down Gabi. Ava wants details. Philip thinks she has the perfect living situation to gather intel. Ava thinks he should kick rocks.

Ava wonders how he expects her to snoop. Philip is desperate. He’ll take anything. Ava wonders what’s in it for her. 

Side Note: These two have chemistry.

Ava has a plan. She wants to use the crimes Jake committed whilst working for the Vitali family as leverage against Gabi. Philip is intrigued.  

Philip wants Ava to make some calls. Ava wants to know what’s in it for her. She wants a job at Titan . . . a specific job. Ava wants to be in charge of GabiChic, maybe calling it AvaChic.

Philip likes the idea, but doesn’t want the company to go down. Ava reminds him who he is talking to. She has run a mob family! Philip doesn’t think it’s going to work out. Ava says she isn’t helping him at all if he doesn’t help her. Philip bows to the pressure and agrees. 

Ava immediately sticks to her word and calls Angelo to get the 411 on Jake. 

Over at the DiMera mansion, Jack is showing Abigail his kite. Abigail wants them to visit over tea and discuss the story in the Spectator about Xander.

Jack explains he knows for a fact that Xander is protecting Gwen. Abigail can’t imagine why Xander would sacrifice himself for Gwen. Jack explains that Gwen and Xander are getting romantic. 

Jack explains to Abigail that Gwen was blackmailed by Dr. Snyder to deal drugs. He explains her prior relationship with Dr. Snyder and Abigail assumes responsibility for everything. 

Abigail tells Jack she went to see Gwen and apologized for her role in the miscarriage. Jack seems very happy that Gwen accepted her apology. 

Abigail thinks Jack couldn’t possibly understand because he’s never done anything as bad as what she did to Gwen. 

Side Note: Do some research Abigail. 

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Jack wants Abigail to forgive herself. He thinks she and Gwen both do. Abigail shrugs off that moment of sweetness and immediately goes back to accusing Gwen of being shady. 

Meanwhile, Xander is still under arrest and plotting what’s next with Gwen. She has the beginnings of a plan, and it involves EJ and his relationship to the corrupt judge.

Gwen suggests she hire an independent contractor to threaten the judge. She goes on to say that Jake might be her man.  

Xander doesn’t love the idea. Gwen agrees since Jake could turn against her. Gwen suggests bribery. Xander thinks they could use blackmail. Maybe Gwen could pose as a prostitute!

Xander and Gwen get cute and she goes on to explain how she’s going to get the judge to sample her product. She will offer him sex and he dismiss Xander’s case. 

Side Note: Wait, what? Did Gwen call Xander her boyfriend? I think she did.

They kiss and begin talking about the handcuffed sex they will have when he gets out. Now, Xander is definitely against Gwen using herself as blackmail bait. Gwen thinks Xander is an idiot if he thinks she is actually going to sleep with the judge. She’s just going to set him up. 

Xander argues his point, but Gwen explains she wants to help him in the same way he has helped her. Xander has no regrets. Gwen doesn’t want to lose Xander or Jack. Xander is the first man who has really meant something to her. 

Side Note: I’m starting to buy Gwen and Xander as a couple. 

At Titan, Nicole is confirming that EJ just asked her out on a date. They talk a little history and EJ hopes she is over their past woes. Just then, Brady and Chloe walk in. 

Brady wonders what the hell is up with EJ and Nicole. Nicole says past is past, and EJ tries to fire Brady up. They continue to go at each other when the conversation shifts to Brady’s issues with Chloe.

EJ wonders if she can be trusted. Chloe insists she is trustworthy and Philip isn’t a concern. She then drags Brady out for a meeting. EJ thinks Brady is being an ass. He also thinks Nicole should enjoy a lovely evening with him. 

Nicole doesn’t think she is ready. EJ wonders if this is about him or dating in general. He goes on to say that the best way to move forward is to enjoy the company of someone who enjoys you. Nicole thinks he just wants to stick it to Samantha Gene. 

EJ plays stupid and Nicole calls him on it. Nicole doesn’t want to be a pawn in his game of revenge. EJ explains that Nicole has a beef with Samantha Gene as well. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Gwen and Xander deep in discussion. Xander wants to know if Gwen thinks they have a future. They’re both a little scared, but happy about the opportunity. Xander didn’t think he would ever be back in a relationship after Sarah.

Side Note: Sarah mention! Can’t be long now.

At Titan, Nicole wonders whether or not Samantha Gene would ever know they went out. Just then, Brady and Chloe re-enter the room. EJ thinks he and Nicole should double date with Chloe and Philip. Brady thinks all of this mess will blow up in Nicole’s face.

At Chez Hernandez, Philip is growing impatient. Just as Ava is reasoning with him, Gabi’s and Jake enter. They smell aftershave that both find familiar.

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