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Perkie's Observations: Jax Feels the Burn From Carly's Wrath on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 30, 2021
Ingo Rademacher

Ingo Rademacher

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly wants to blow up Nina's world, but Jason tells her to stand back and let everyone hate Nina. Carly promises to leave Nina alone for now before she storms out, then Ned arrives. Jason updates Ned on what Nina did and Ned wonders what happens to Jason now that Sonny is back.

Ned figures Monica will be relieved that he and Carly are no longer married, but won't be happy that Sonny's back. Ned says with Sonny back, Jason will be taking all the risks again, which will upset Monica. Jason insists he works for Sonny because he wants to and he's good at it. He says he tries not to take chances anymore.

Carly heads over to Jax's to yell at him for basically breathing. Jax says he had a hunch about Sonny after Josslyn mentioned the marinara sauce and went to Nixon Falls. Carly asks why Jax isn't more angry with Nina. Jax says Sonny was happier in Nixon Falls, which made Nina happy. Carly accuses him of taking Nina's side. Jax says there's more about Nina and Sonny.

Ava stops over to talk to Kevin before she leaves. She tells him the divorce papers are filed and she's said goodbye to everyone. Ava says she's worried about Nikolas' darker impulses and asks Kevin to keep an eye on him.

Shawn pays a visit to Alexis and tells her about Jordan's injury, and the co-investigation with Curtis and Portia. He mentions Creighton-Clark, which piques Alexis' interest. Alexis mentions Uncle Victor being part of CC and Shawn should check with Anna and Valentin for more information.

Ava stops by to say her goodbyes to Alexis. She tells Ryan he's won for now, but she'll make it her mission to find the truth and he'll rue the day.

Cameron promises to be there for Spencer, no matter what he's done. Spencer says he's changed and is about to tell Cameron something, when Trina arrives. Trina says she's there to give documents to Ava before she leaves with Nikolas.

Esme tells Sonny that Spencer is in town and she's concerned about Nikolas. Esme claims she overheard Nikolas say that he and Ava were leaving town with Avery. Sonny thanks her for the information and stalks off. Esme calls Spencer and tells him that she's taken care of things and Nikolas won't be going anywhere with Ava.

Kevin finds Josslyn eavesdropping in the hallway, but she claims she was at the hospital to check out her ankle. Esme however, wonders why Josslyn was stalking her. Josslyn wonders why Esme was chatting up Sonny. Esme tells her not to act so territorial about Sonny, and complains her feelings are hurt by Josslyn and Trina. Josslyn tells Esme she knows she's full of crap. Esme tells Josslyn that snooping into her business will cost her.

Sonny visits Wyndemere, which thrills Spencer. Sonny asks for Nikolas, but Spencer says he's probably already left town. Nikolas arrives and Sonny warns him he won't be leaving town, which confuses Nikolas.

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