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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Recalls Her Dance With DevilDoug!

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 30, 2021
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: EJ is at the Brady Pub making reservations for him and Nicole. Lucas overhears and wonders if Sami's coming back to EJ, but he doesn't think she'd be that stupid. EJ implies that since Lucas, Allie, or Johnny haven't heard from Sami, then she's not interested in being their mother. Lucas doesn't believe that Sami would run away. They banter back and forth, and EJ warns him not to make him angry.

Chanel yawns in Allie's presence whilst trying to keep up with the Sweet Bits workload. She's tired from the night before and Allie wonders if it was Johnny's fault. Chanel explains she felt she was she was the girl in the Exorcist, which Johnny made her watch. Chanel thinks Johnny is baiting trouble. She explains about the shenanigans that happened on the set during the Exorcist filming. Chanel warns Allie you don't mess with the Devil when you don't want him messing with you back. Allie thinks she's superstitious. The duo discuss Allie and Tripp's relationship. Chanel wants to know what's up.

Johnny calls John asking for Marlena. He explains she's not feeling well (cue the subtle Satanic noises from the bedroom). Marlena is having restless dreams of her visit with Doug at the hospital. 

Side Note: Poor Doug!

John tells his grandson they are not going to invest in his movie. The memories are too painful. When Johnny makes light, John isn't pleased! He tells Johnny if he moves forward, he has to leave the possession out, but Johnny thinks that's the only part he's leaving in.

Julie is at Doug's bedside when Tripp arrives. She explains to Tripp that Marlena's visit made Doug worse. He's stable, but Julie tells him he had a restless night. Tripp says he will consult with Kayla about the sedative. Julie doesn't think Doug has dementia and lets Tripp know she can pray whatever Doug has away. Tripp admits he sees things scientifically, but science and faith are not mutually exclusive. He shares his conversation with Allie about Marlena's possession, and asks Julie if she believes it. Doug gets a wee restless.

Julie explains to Tripp the Devil comes in many forms, such as Gabi Hernandez. Julie tells Tripp to work on science and she'll work on God, and between them they can help Doug. Tripp offers to say a prayer for Doug in the chapel.

John rushes to Marlena when she wakes up screaming. Marlena tells him he had the most horrible nightmare and asks her to tell him about it. Despite her shaking, Marlena claims she can't remember, but knows it involved Doug. Her thoughts are racing and can't quite figure it out, but thinks Marlena made things worse for Doug. John suggests she's working too hard and needs a time away from work. She balks, but John reminds her she may have recorded their session. Cue Marlena dropping everything to get to the hospital . . . STAT!

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Abigail find Johnny all sad about John's announcement. He hands the transcript to Abigail, who flips through Will's script. Abigail discreetly asks about . . . then Johnny said yes, your affair with my dad is in there. Abigail wants to know how much detail Will wrote about. Johnny tells her how it has the least bit of dialogue but the most steam. Just as she gets very uncomfortable, he lets her know he's cutting it out. He tells her his focus will be on grandma's possession.

Johnny questions Abigail about what she knew, but she said she was a kid when Marlena was possessed. When pressed, Abigail says she remembers whispers about it, but no one really wanted to talk about it. Johnny understands. Abigail wonders if Johnny is going to air family trash no one wants aired out. Always the charmer, Johnny offers Abigail a role in his film.

Kate pops in to see Philip at the Kiriakis mansion. Philip questions why. Kate admits she's concerned about Lucas and wonders if Philip is too. Kate explains Sami's drop from the radar has made him sad and mopey. Philip tells her to stay out of it and maybe focus on her own love life.

Philip asks about Roman's feelings for Kate. Kate pushes it off, but Philip wonders if he's pursuing her for romantic purposes, why isn't she in? Kate tells him doesn't want to get hurt, but there's something about Roman and his big . . . ummm heart.

EJ moves in on Lucas and Roman breaks them up. Lucas taunts EJ that he's investing in Johnny's movie and he will be surprised at who Sami's love interest will be. He then runs out as Roman holds EJ back. Roman then tells EJ that Lucas isn't the only one who's financing Johnny's big dreams. 

Roman questions EJ if he's stupid. EJ gets up to leave, but Roman tells him that pushing Johnny to a place he doesn't want to go will backfire. EJ warns him he's throwing his money away and much like Sami, Johnny has grandiose ideas. EJ then says Roman always indulges, just like he did for his tramp daughter. Roman isn't having EJ badmouthing his daughter, EJ apologizes. 

John and Marlena arrive at the hospital. John wants to visit Doug and Julie, while Marlena can't get at that recording fast enough. She listens to the point where Doug admitted to locking that bitch in the freezer on purpose (I never get tired of that flashback). 

John is in Doug's room and Julie tells him he's very agitated. John offers to stay with Doug so Julie can go home for a refresh. Before she leaves, Julie leaves her rosary beads in Doug's hands.

Back to Marlena! She listens as DevilDoug says the chilling words that after more than 25 years, he's come back for her. 

Doug's vitals uptick when John tells him Marlena's in her office trying to figure out what's happening. John pushes the call button, but Doug grabs his hand and calls out for Marlena

On the recording, DevilDoug reminisces with Marlena about the good times of their past, but she stops the recording. 

Doug tells John that Marlena tried to kill him.

Marlena gets more scared when she hears more than she bargained for.

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