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General Hospital's Jon Lindstrom Recalls Collaboration With Michele Val Jean to Establish Ryan/Kevin

Actor and writer made magic.
Michele Val Jean, Jon Lindstrom

Michele Val Jean, Jon Lindstrom

While some actors only speak of writers when they want to complain, ever so often you come across a thespian/scribe combination that is sheer magic. That was the case when legendary General Hospital Head Writer Claire Labine paired writer Michele Val Jean with star Jon Lindstrom

In a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, Lindstrom credited Val Jean (who now writes for The Bold and the Beautiful) with influencing the character of Kevin "in every way possible." According to Lindstrom, Dr. Kevin Collins was created because his original character, sociopath Ryan Chamberlain, was deemed irredeemable.  

"Claire Labine threw Michele the reins and then she and I talked a lot about what ways Kevin could be differentiated from Ryan. Michele is an incredibly articulate, well-read person. I think Kevin's syntax, the way he speaks, never would have developed clearly without her."

Lindstrom also revealed GH viewers have Val Jean to thank for the popular Kevin and Lucy (Lynn Herring) pairing. According to Val Jean (whose credits also include Generations, Santa Barbara and short-lived nighttime soap Ambitions), she first became interested in writing for Lindstrom after penning a scene where Ryan first confessed to Mac (John J. York) his serial killing of five or six women. "I thought, 'this is my kind of crazy [laughs]!" said Val Jean.