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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Makes Demands on Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 1, 2021
Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava keeps taunting Ryan before she leaves, but is surprised when Esme shows up. Esme says she wants to intern at Springridge. Ava warns Esme to stay away from Ryan, telling her that he's a threat. Esme brings up Bora Bora, but Ava says she isn't going there.

Nikolas is confused at Sonny's rage and anger. Sonny says Nikolas will not run off with Ava and Avery. Sonny says he heard about the plane tickets from Esme, which confuses Nikolas even more. Sonny's goons grab Nikolas to rough him up.

Trina shows Spencer a photo of Esme and Sonny, which came from Josslyn. Trina's worried that Esme told Sonny something, which is why he's here and angry with Nikolas.

Spencer interrupts the argument with Sonny and Nikolas. He tells Sonny that Nikolas wasn't planning on taking Avery with them. Nikolas says he had no plans to go anywhere, but Sonny accuses him of lying.

Cameron and Trina run in, and admit they lied about Nikolas and Ava's trip. They say they were trying to prove that Spencer and Esme were the stalkers. Nikolas says that was disproved. Sonny's disappointed in the teens. (Shut up Sonny!)

Nikolas says he'll have a word with the parents. He demands an apology from Sonny or tells him to get the hell out of his house (You go Nik!) Spencer steps forward and admits he did what he's accused of. (Was not expecting that!)

Spencer admits to everything and says he wanted Ava out of their lives because they can't trust her. Nikolas asks about the car fire and Spencer admits it was Esme, but he asked her to do it. Spencer tries hard to put all the blame on himself. Sonny's not happy that Spencer tried to scare Avery. Sonny leaves without apologizing to Nikolas.
Nikolas demands an explanation from Spencer, just as Ava arrives.

Josslyn gets home and complains to Jax about Nina, while also apologizing to Carly. Josslyn realizes her parents are fighting and it bothers her. Jax explains to Josslyn why he went to Nixon Falls, confronted Nina, and sent Sonny home. Carly still thinks Jax should have told her about his hunch.

Brook Lynn complains to Ned about Olivia's anger and wonders why they're fighting again. Ned explains about his talk with Austin about Leo possibly being on the autism spectrum. Brook Lynn doesn't see it. Ned says he's done research and thinks Leo is exhibiting signs. Brook Lynn thinks Austin is making it up to distract Ned.

Scotty updates Austin that he has a court date in two weeks. Scotty says they have to prove that Edward intended to add Jimmy Lee to his will. Scotty warns Austin the Quartermaines will do everything they can to block it. Austin says Michael and Ned seem reasonable, and believes they'll come around, but Scotty disagrees.

Nina tells Maxie she'll never see Wiley again. Maxie apologizes for telling Carly the truth. Nina says it's Sonny's job to tell Carly about their feelings for each other. Maxie says Sonny will go back to his old life. Nina says she understands, but her heart is confused. Maxie believes Sonny is protecting Nina by not telling Carly.

Scotty accuses Nina of getting Liesl in trouble with Peter. Nina is certain that Liesl can take care of herself. Scotty says he's going to be searching for her himself. Nixon Falls comes up and Nina waxes poetic about Mike. Scotty figures out she has feelings for Sonny. Scotty says she'll need his legal services.

Austin runs into Maxie and the two make small talk about Peter. Maxie claims if Peter comes after her, she won't let him get the best of her again. Brook Lynn shows up and tells Austin to mind his business when it comes to Leo.

When Sonny gets home, Carly wants to discuss Nina.

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